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byZappu, January 4, 2013
SB - Facebook Events
I am impressed. Working right out of the box and the way how to configure it, is excellent! Well done job.
byZappu, January 3, 2011
Art Calendar
A very good and easy to use calendar system you can announce events with. Some small things can be done and planed for the future, like the full integration of the google calendar, which would be very helpfull.
The support is pretty fast and good.

If you are looking for an easy to use and lightweight calendar system to announce events (without registration functions), this is a component worth to look at.
byZappu, April 8, 2010
Phoca Maps
This is probably the best map component for Joomla - pretty good job you have done!!!! Just a module für this component is missin :)
byZappu, February 9, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
Tried to make this happen with a little hack - but not big success. This little component just did it on the fly. Great job!
byZappu, January 29, 2010
These guys are on the right road to deliver a 1.5.x Classified Ads Component. I just installed it 3 days ago and it's working.
Some hints:
All code is in one big file, so it's hard to change the layout, specially everything is coded in tables without any Style ID's or Classes.
There are some small html errors like missing
Individual customization of the layout is realy hard
The chiffre function does not work
The tabs-view is buggy (JS Errors)
You will not have a lot of fun while browsing with the IE and you have the sliders or the google maps activated
There is no forum to get help
There is not much of documentation available
There is NO template system for the different views
Some images are delivered out of the admin/component directory - that's not working if you are woring with an additional htaccess for the admin directory!!!

But, as I said before, they are on the right way, so move on guys :)
Owner's reply

Some necessary replies:
Individual changes: The component is distributed under the Creative Commons by-nc-nd license. Please read the license.
Chiffre function: Works. Except for own ads (Makes no sense to send an email to yourself).
No forum: On our website there is a bilingual forum German / English with daily updates, even on Sunday.
Images delivered out of admin dir: Fixed from version 1.5.38. All images delivered from frontend.

Thank you for your hints, we will continue to work on the component's improvement.

byZappu, January 29, 2010
Automatic Backlinks
The Component/Module and the Idea is pretty good, but it seems that the domain behind it, is not liked by google very much.
I have dropped all modules on my sites when I have lost the PR4 for one of them and I am still fighting for some month now to get back the good ranking I had before.
This little module and service offer has cost me some serious work
Owner's reply

If Google did not like us why would we have a PageRank of 5? If you lost your PageRank it must have been because you have been doing other SEO techniques that are considered "black hat" or you have simply allowed too many links per page which can result in temporary PageRank removal (but does not affect ranking). The vast majority of our users enjoy a great increase in search engine position, and I think you would have too if you had stuck with it.