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byZioRiP, September 12, 2014
The extension is nice, it is simple to use, it still looks "young" in its development, but I have been in touch with the TS and they seem to be very willing to add features.
I am currently using it and it works nicely.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your message.

Droppics is not really "young" regarding the dev. but offer a solid javascript and Joomla system plugin for all type of image management. The current version is very stable, we have very little support request.

We provide new version each month usually and major version each 6 month. New features and theme will be added soon in a 3.0 version.


byZioRiP, July 6, 2013
This extension does exactly what it says, it works perfectly, I am using it on several sites and it has never ever given me problems. The developer's website also contains information to get out of problems that may occur during its usage (for instance if you forget your secret url)... Can't give more than 5 stars, otherwise I would :)
byZioRiP, March 5, 2012
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Plugin works perfectly, it is perfectly integrated with the system as I didn't even notice that it was already working.
The support on the website is excellent as well.
I recommend this plugin
byZioRiP, August 1, 2011
Documents Seller
Before I bought it I was a little concerned about those bad feedbacks present in here, so I have been checking the forum to see if it was active or not and after noticing that everything was alive I have bought this product.

I confirm that it is extremely easy to use, simple but powerful, I use to sell some videos or pdf that I produce.
I can also confirm that the author is extremely active and available to solve any problems.

I recommend this extension.
byZioRiP, September 27, 2010
The component looks complete, it allows to do almost everything (not to say everything) that you may need from a contact form.
The author is supportive on his website.
As the component (and addons) is very complex it needs some time to get used to it (at least for a newbie like me), but the learning curve is not so long.
One only minor issue is the translation in Italian, which is not complete and not really accurate, but that's really not important as the product is 100% and well done. :o)
I can help improving the translation if the author needs it.
Great work!