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bya.henderson, August 5, 2013
Universal AJAX Live Search
I bough this extension as it says that it works fine with Hikashop but it doesn't. The page loading is tooo slow. I asked the support and they said that I have too much indent categories which causes the slowness. Sorry but this is not acceptable for a commercial product.

Can't recommend it.
Owner's reply

Dear Henderson,
As you write in your review, your page loading time is too slow, which means that your database server serves the queries really slow. On this problem a well-built AJAX-base system won't be able to help.
As you know, the live search uses the search plugins to show the results which comes from the component developer.
Otherwise we have a lot of satisfied customers who uses Universal AJAX Live Search on HikaShop.

Best regards
Janos Biro
Offlajn store

bya.henderson, June 13, 2013
Event Booking
I've bought this extension and installed on a 3.1 Joomla version.

- The component and modules are not multi-language at all
- Problems with notification emails
- The support is very poor.

In my case, there has been and still a lot of issues, errrors, bugs, incompatible functions and so on.

Not happy at all.
Owner's reply


Are you sure you are one of customer? Are you sure you are using our Events Booking extension? Your review is really really strange and I don't understand why you wrote this review:

1. You said that my extension is not multilingual. That's not true at all. My extension does support multilingual. It works in the same way with Joomla core multilingual, no more, no less.

2. You said it has problem with notification emails, this is not true at all. It might not work because:
- The mail settings of your Joomla site is not correct.
- On some server, they are not allowed to use an email from different server (for example, you use gmail account) as the from email to send email.

You can always contact ask and ask us to check and correct it for you.

3. You said that my support is very poor. That's the most strange said:

- Have you tried to post your question on forum ?
- Have you tried to email us for support ?
- Have you tried to submit support ticket ?
- I even available on Skype for direct support ? Have you tried to contact me ?

I tried to search through all our system (users, forum post, support tickets) but I didn't see any clues about you. Are you sure you get the product from our main site ?

I do hope that you received this response from me. If so, please contact me ASAP. You can reach me by Email, or Skype or submit support ticket. I will check and reply you right away.