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byaages, December 27, 2011
I am satisfied with Contentbuilder, a simple yet quite feature-rich application builder.

CB differs from the typical cck. It is more similar to Fabrik than to FlexiContent or Seblod, but much simpler to learn and use than Fabrik or Seblod. The functionality is not at the same level as in these, but I have not yet missed anything important.

Typically, you create a Data storage (and CB makes an underlying table).You may also use breezingforms to make the Data storage. Fields in the table can be text, date, time, integer, decimal or a group of values. Supports record importing using CSV files. When a Data storage (table) is made, you can create different views on that Data storage.

In views you can select between contenttypes as text, textarea, checkbox, radio, select, upload, calendar, hidden input, captcha and categories fram joomla. As an option you can install modules for seach, file upload, article categories, use of picture, video and paid verifications with PayPal. You can also choose between different templates (for different visual appearances).

Views make a chlickable list of the records in the table. When you click you get the details of a record.
You can easely change the template for both the list-view and detail-view for every view.
It is simple to do CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete) both in backend and frontend. You can in detail control permissions for both backend and frontend. There are some posibilities for filtering content in views.

To use CB in a more advanced way involves programming in PHP. In Content Prepare og Editable Prepare you may alter labels and values for each item before it gets rendered through programming.

CB is very promising extention. It is now in versjon 0.9 and lack some features as linked records/tables. It would be fine if CB could access (read/write to) multiple tables from one view. It is on the todo list for 1.0 version to “implement bidirectional n-m linking that would in the first place result in the ability to place html-links in list and detail views”. More video-types (as wmv) would also be nice. More documentation is also needed. The support seems to be very good.