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byaalfouzan, November 9, 2012
Pro Magic Audio Player
This is an excellent clean module with fantastic customization options. Looks good, and plays good music. Worth the money indeed.

I'm hoping though that it would support other audio formats as well beside mp3, to be able to play music on mobile browsers, i.e. iPhone safari doesn't play mp3 files.
Owner's reply

Thank you!
It's now possible to use our player on mobile devices. We encourage you to test the HTML5 engine and contact us if you have suggestions.

byaalfouzan, October 29, 2012
Download, install, add names, publish and DONE less than 2 minutes! This is exactly what I was looking for. Twitter feed to show the feeds of certain users I follow on twitter, and this super fantastic module did it all FREE!

Thank you very much.
byaalfouzan, October 23, 2012
jQuery Easy
Thank you very much, your plugin made my day! Was struggling for hours with a Yootheme Warp framework template the conflicted with numerous jQuery libraries loaded from heavy extensions such as JomSocial and JReview, and by simply installing and activating the plugin with default settings, all went just magically wonderful :)
Owner's reply

Glad it was that easy!
Thank you so much for the review.

byaalfouzan, February 23, 2011
NoNumber's developers keep impressing me with their outstanding creative extensions, and Sourcerer is not an exception by all means.

It took me 15 minutes to install, enable, setup and run a facebook sign in script on a page, which I simply copied from another page source file using my browser and inserting it into a custom module! Worked like magic, and the sky is the limit with this extension.

Thanks a lot.
byaalfouzan, February 13, 2011
Fixed Vertical Feedback button
Love the simplicity of this plugin. Just install, paste a link and enable. Wonderful.

But for a commercial plugin, I think more options should be given to the user.

1. I'm not very technical, but if it can be a module, this will be a plus, so it can be translated into other languages with JoomFish.

2. A Title box should be added in the parameters if a user wants to call the badge something else other than feedback.

3. An option to add an image other than the vertical box will make it really nice.

4. More position options will be great, such as top left, top right.

It will be a full house plugin if the above were added as it can be used for all sorts of badges!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review and suggestions. In version2 we added more options. We are also inspired by your suggestions.

byaalfouzan, January 25, 2011
Ninja Simple Icon Menu
This is an outstanding module which must be set as an example to what modules should be like, i.e, simple to use yet with powerful capabilities.

- choose an icon (easily upload yours if you want)
- paste a link
- give it a title
- choose a position for the module - publish

and your site will become totally visual as much as you want!

Well done and thanks a lot. I'm totally in love with this module! Keep it going :)
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review, aalfouzan. We're glad you like Ninja Simple Icon Menu.

You'll be happy to know that we will begin porting it to Joomla 1.6 soon :)

As always, your feedback is highly appreciated.

byaalfouzan, January 21, 2011
WISroGIS mapping
I'm really speechless to describe this component. Endless possibilites in customization and usage. Google, Yahoo and Bing maps with many options within each.

Very sophisticated in contents yet simple to use with excellent support if needed.

I used it with the weather plugin, and it works beautifully!

Many available modules and plugins that go along with, which makes you confused as to where, how and what to do with them all as the ideas keep striking for many possibilities.
byaalfouzan, January 21, 2011
WISroGIS Yahoo Weather
I've tried almost all free weather codes, and they are very limited in information and customization.

WISroGIS Yahoo Weather is the best weather plugin I've ever came through. It turns the weather info on your site to a professional weather map with many customization options.

My advise is to have it as an addon to WISroGIS component which will give you ultimate power in weather maps customization. Really impressive work!

The support of WISroGIS is unusually outstanding!

As a simple contribution, the following link has almost all country weather codes that you'll need to use for the weather plugin. If the country is not on the list, just type its name in the search box.