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byabbtech1, July 4, 2012
SP Tab
The standard of Joomla extensions is getting better all the time making it very easy for us designers to do our job. This extension is no exception. 10 preset styles, plus the ability to customise your own style. A really easy to use and well designed extension which the developer can be truly proud of. Thanks for your work.
byabbtech1, June 5, 2012
Maxi Menu CK
I have recently tried both this module and the developers slideshowCk. I ran into small issues with both and the help came within a couple of hours and put me on the right track again. This menu is not for the beginner as it requires CSS knowledge but it is a great system for those with some knowledge and Cedric is always there to help. Looking at some of the other modules he has on his site makes me think he is some developer. Well Done a truly 5 star extension.
byabbtech1, June 1, 2012
Slideshow CK
I have looked for sometime for a slideshow that is responsive to different screen resolutions and here it is. What ba well built and easy to use module. Well done to you for creating something for the next stage of web design i.e. responsive templates.
byabbtech1, August 31, 2011
FW Real Estate
After trying many of the other real estate components I have to say that this one ticks all the boxes. It is extremely adaptable and full featured. The support is second to none with most problems resolved at the outside within 24 hours. The price is reasonable and although others have complained about the developers asking for money to do conversions, given that they solve problems with the component very quickly, this is not unreasonable. Why should they work for nothing. The developers are very receptive to new ideas and quick to upgrade the component and associated modules when required. There are other things I would personally like to see but I am sure a polite request would see them considered for inclusion in the future. One of the best Joomla components around in my humble opinion. Well done.
byabbtech1, July 6, 2011
Prior to purchasing this product I spent several days researching it and others in the same market. part of that research was checking out the support response of the developer which seemed to be very good. On purchasing the product all went well until I discovered a major flaw. It is only possible to upload jpg images via the component which limits prospective users of the product, in an environment where the component is used for holiday rentals or property management. This was then compounded by the fact that I discovered that I could not even upload jpeg images when testing the product. This can only be discovered after purchase. Given that it is extremely easy to upload multiple kinds of images into Joomla articles using the native methods, as well as via many other extensions I could not beleive that such a basic requirement caused such difficulty.
When I posted on the Jomres forum I was told it was a server configuration issue and that I would have to talk to my hosting provider to get them to configure the php.ini. I exprerssed concern about this on the forum and was told to stop being a brat and expletives were used. I asked why it was that such an important feature of the component was not working. I contacted my host and they said where do you want the code placing. I told them I did not know and asked the developer mVince Wooly where to place the code. His response was "it's your server, you decide".
There is a high level of expertise required to utilise this component and much is necessary in altering the control panel, to make it user freindly to potential clients who may not have any great web experience such as those who might wish to post a property on the site. The control panel for users who register their own property is confusing and laid out very poorly
On the developers side it is a technically, very good component for those who have a high level of expertise in coding or CSS. The developer did respond very quickly to both forum posts and to emails but , when the problem is not resolved that counts for nothing. For the rest do not bother. Given the attitude of the developer , and you can see that by looking at the link on the Jomres forum in the bugs section entitled “images not uploading” and decide for yourself whether or not this was good customer service. Although there is a comprehensive manual which explains the purpose of most things in the component, it does not explain the how to in any great detail.
The developer has now refunded my money but I now have to spend even more time looking for another solution, whereas had the developer been a little less arrogant and actually explained what I had to do he would have had a happy customer. His final comment on the forum speaks volumes about his feelings towards customers. Shame really.
Owner's reply

The individual was difficult and combative right from the start, even though I'd gone out of my way to explain the issues to him. He didn't want to work with me to resolve his issue (which was down to a badly configured server) but instead wanted me to fix everything for him whilst throwing his teddy out of his pram.

It was a pleasure to refund them their purchase and send them on their way.