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byabelh, March 19, 2012
I uninstall a previous version of jHackGuard Joomla plugin, but the link to SiteGround remains in the page bottom. If I install the last version of the plugin for Joomla 1.5.x and configure for disable the link in the bottom, the links still remains.

I ask for solution in SiteGround, but they told me I must create an account with them. I think the plugin is a hook.

In new versions the link to SiteGround is optional, but there is not a visible solution for the problem of oldest versions.

I know is free, but make a warning please. The new version perhaps have an Excellent rating for me, but my vote right now is for the attitude of SiteGround Team.

I see a lot of similars non happy comments in forums, but no real solutions, even when SiteGround's members participate. In best cases they answer is: "Go to and contact using chat"; I did it, and the solution of the operator was: "create an account with us". And if I don't want to? My site must have an eternal link to SiteGround, even when I uninstall your plugin? This is legal?

If some body have an effective solution let me know an for sure I change my words.
Owner's reply


It seems that you are experiencing issues with some 3rd party caching extension. Once the plugin is removed there are NO links or other information that remains on your website. As for receiving support with using this plugin, our website chat isdefinitely not the best place, as our main business is web hosting and the live chat is operated by our web hosting Sales team. However, any jHackGuard user can receive timely assistamce (no matter if s/he uses our hosting services) by posting its request on the special forum category we have created for this purpose. You can access it either from the "Support" button above or directly through this link: