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byabo, August 4, 2014
Reset Hits
Downloaded, installed and activated within 5 Minutes - including registration time. This little tool does what it says, and does so quick and efficient.
You may need to notice that the reset button is in the tool bar above the article you want to edit/reset, not in the publishing tab, where the hits are listed.
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Thank you so much for the nice review.

Team Function90

Jacarlin Redirect
This tool is perfect and can redirect to different pages for each type of error, (login and registration page being standard options).
HOWEVER, to you must remember to turn the plugin ON and the standard redirect plugin OFF.
byabo, April 26, 2011
It's been a long time since we had that much fun with a component (and we did try another blog before).
EASY to install, EASY to set up and use, EASY to adapt and EASY to get support (lightening speed), EASY to translate. We are impressed.
Pricing is very fair, considering you can use it on all your Joomla sites. If you like to blog - take it EASY ;-)
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Thank you! This is why we actually named it EasyBlog :)

byabo, April 19, 2010
Complex program with more options than I can handle... ;) And utstanding support! make this a top rated extension.
byabo, November 10, 2009
OSE Anti-Hacker™ for Joomla!
After we were hacked on a Joomla site we felt compelled to have a look at Anti-Hacking devices. We decided for this one - especially as it supports the opensource approach, but also for the impressive features!

Installation was somewhat more complex than we are used to - at least on our setup. But the developper gave us outstanding support until the installation worked (way beyond the value of the price of the software!)

Now we can see, how often hackers are attacking our sites.... frightening, yet we are pretty sure the IP locking mechanism works very well :)

Furthermore we are made aware of any potential weaknesses in components we use by displaying warning messages. This is helpful, though at times cumbersome. However, even here the developper has been very helpful indeed in explaining in understandable terms what is going on and how to resolve issues.

So we learned.... making a website safer is more complex than we ever imagined - but got outstanding support in the process and a highly recommendable piece of software at a *very* reasonable price.
byabo, October 19, 2007
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Vinaora Visitors Counter
Download - install - enjoy. Simple, straight forward. Adaptable to language needs without difficulties. You can even choose which statistics should be displayed and which not. It's not complicated or complex, but just perfect for our needs. The advert in the breadcrumb is acceptible (though some users might want to remove it).
byabo, August 17, 2006
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We shifted from a commercial software to VirtueMart and are quite pleased. Not only does it cost less, it also is able to do more for us (we like the many different features, such as the automatic bestseller module, flexible order handling- well just about everything)... :-) However, trouble started when we added Joomfish to our Joomla Site .... We got a German - English mixture in the menue and were not able to change it. Once we deinstalled Joomfish everything worked just fine again. Since our shop is in German only we can live with this limitation (and still hope, it will be removed one day!).