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byacrowe, June 1, 2013
DT Register
I've been using DT Register for awhile now. We use it in a pretty simple way, nothing too fancy.

We started having issues with setting up events a few weeks ago, and while support started with a quick answer of "we need to have a senior developer look at it" there's been nothing since then. 2 weeks of no answer is not acceptable for a commercial product.

I work in the software industry and if we did this to our customers they would no longer be our customers. While I understand that a new company bought the product and are doing their best to move it forward, the lack of support is something that needs to be addressed first.

I am now having to look at alternatives because we are 2 weeks behind on offering registrations to our customers. For a small business like ours this is a disaster!

The product itself is really good once you get it going. It's the support when you don't have it running that's the issue... Hopefully they can clear this up and I'll be happy to append my review!
Owner's reply

The customer was migrating from 1.5 and didn't follow the instructions that are in the readme file. They were supposed to upgrade to the latest 1.5 version before installing the 2.5 version. We repaired their database to add in the missing fields and they are running now. We also have modified our install on 2.5/3.0 to take into account situations where someone doesn't follow the upgrade instructions.