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byacymru, July 4, 2012
Did what I needed, easy to use. Perfect.
byacymru, February 14, 2012
EasyTable Pro
Have a ton of data records to feed your site for list display? Use this. Customer support is prompt and thoughtful.
byacymru, February 14, 2012
Q K2 Social Share Pro
Not much to say because this plugin works so well. I had a need to get social buttons working in K2 content and this did it. Can't beat the price. Keep in mind that'll you'll need to make sure you toggle the display of K2 plugins in your K2 Category and/or Item preferences. Also, if you're using the K2 BNR Content module, you'll need to comment out the plugin calls as needed. Used in conjunction with the com_k2 custom templating system, this works like a dream.
byacymru, May 16, 2011
BNR Content for K2
This does exactly what I needed it too. K2 BNR Content rocks.
byacymru, February 25, 2011
Szaki Table
This is a very useful tool once you figure out how to use it, but for one critical aspect - the plugin works with European formatted CVS files, not US formatted ones. Comma-delimited files don't seem to work. The delimiting relies on semi-colons. I can maybe figure out how to make a conversion, but it's not suitable for clients. On a large file, doing a search and replace for commas isn't feasible, as some commas have to remain commas.

Conceptually, though, this plugin is great. Just point it at a csv file and off it goes. Deserves broader development and documentation.