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byadamn, June 28, 2012
BreezingForms (Lite)
I had high hopes for this extension after reading the reviews and watching the training videos produced by the developer but after attempting to use it for the last few days I come away very disappointed. The extension has tremendous potential but suffers from major bugs that prevent it from being useable.

I'm using the free version, which only has support in the developer's forums, but according to users in that forum the paid version has the same issues. I followed all the instructions for installing and configuring the extension.

I started out using the Easy Mode, which a video tutorial by the developer. I followed the tutorial step by step and set up my fields and labels, specified field validation rules and even set up some conditional fields.

The next step in the tutorial has you click the Form Settings button. This is where you are supposed to set up the form's name, layout dimensions, database logging and submission behavior. The form won't submit properly without using the Form Settings. However, clicking the button does nothing.

It works perfectly in the training video, but not in either the free or paid version. Despite multiple recent requests for assistance from users in the developer's forums, no replies have been forthcoming.

The same happens with the form's preview button. Clicking that is supposed to open a light box window showing the form in action but nothing happens.

I then switched to Classic mode but didn't get very far. I attempted to set up a simple contact form but the field labels would not display. Already frustrated by Easy Mode, I decided to move on to Quick Mode.

In Quick Mode I was again able to set up a simple contact form but when I tried to adjust the dimensions of the form, the developer's footer containing a link to his web site started displaying in other areas of the form. Even when I put the dimension settings back to their original values, the footer continued to display in the wrong location.

This is not an exhaustive review of all BreezingForm's features but it does point out deal killer bugs in each of it's modes. The system has a lot of potential but in it's current state it's not ready for prime time.
Owner's reply


sorry but I cannot agree, BreezingForms is ready for prime time for almost 4 years now.

The "bugs" you describe are not existing. It is the first time I hear about that.

It would be very kind if you could write in our forums what browser you are using, so we are able to spot the issues and fix them.

In current modern browsers the bugs you are referring to are not existent, at least not with major browsers that we tested on.

If you recently upgraded, clear your browser cache since the scripts changed.

Please contact me at and give me a chance to find out why this happens to you. Everybody will participate from it and you would help the community. Thanks.

By the way, this is open source, you can remove the footer at any time ;)