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byadancer, October 3, 2012
It litterally takes two clicks to do the job that before required 20 minutes! Widget ticket and map are great bonus, no more messing with editor stripping iframe code.
byadancer, June 13, 2011
DB Replacer
This is so usefull you can't miss it! Thank you Peter!
byadancer, December 24, 2010
The common print_r function it's a nightmare but with this extension you can just enjoy exploring all the possibilities this excelent frameworks brings.

Thank you so much :)

and yes, the 1.6 compatibility would be great
Owner's reply

Thanks! For the record, v1.2 and up are fully compatible with Joomla 1.5 and 1.6.

byadancer, May 11, 2010
I am a professional developer and since started I seek a way to build web sites fast, scalable and most important very easy to update and handle by my clients.

I know the CCK was the clue but no one solution feet all my initial seek but anyway ZOO 1.0 was the best choice. A few months ago they anounced ZOO 2.0, a few weeks ago I could test and FINALLY my seek ended.

I found the combination of Joomla! with ZOO 2.0 an natural choice, I'll never could use Joomla itself anymore, ZOO 2.0 and the YOOTheme are the best thing I discovered since started.

Get your ZOO app bundle and change your joomla day by day, you won't regret.
byadancer, March 12, 2010
I tried almost all free extensions but this one was the perfect one for me needs wright now.

I would recommend this extension to everyone.

The only think i didn't find was the overlay transparency... maybe in some update.
Owner's reply

The overlay is very small GIF or png file located in the tmpl/images folder. I have upgraded the popper module and have various templates made. You will be able to choose custom colors (with hex code) and styles like rounded corners, drop shadows and slight angles. Glad you like it.


byadancer, August 30, 2009
With this plugin you can expand the possibilities of you template, components or whatever.

Just let you show the contents in a easy, practical and fast way!

byadancer, August 30, 2009
Modules Anywhere
Just forget about the modules position, be active or inactive...

just use this great plugin to load any module knowing just it's name and works great ANYWHERE!