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byadla999, December 16, 2011
Overall, this is one of the absolute best and most valuable components out there and the best Joomla purchase I've made (not kidding).

Note: I am going to gush for a second, but I honestly don't work for these guys, I've just been using their Facebook Connect and now LinkedIn connect products and really loving it.

Here is the detailed breakdown:
1. Connecting to LinkedIn is awesome - if you run any kind of community site, this is the most valuable data, and this is literally the only product out there that can do it and it goes above and beyond.

2. It works very well - It works exactly as advertised (and actually a bit better if you dig into the feature set). If you want the example - it's made by the same guys that make Joomla Facebook Connect which is used by the Joomla community itself (on this very site It connects to JomSocial, CB, K2, Kuena and a bunch of other stuff - really well.

3. They've thought it through - connecting to LinkedIn is not easy technically - there are complicated APIs that you need to connect with and even more complicated are LinkedIn's terms of service that you must follow, or your application will be banned by LinkedIn. These guys thought it through, and made sure that you are following all the requirements without even thinking about it.

-and finally-

4. THEIR SUPPORT IS THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN - I don't use this qualification lightly, because I deal with support teams all the time some are bad, some are ok, some are decent - these guys are amazing.

They respond FAST, to EVERY ticket, EVERY day. And their responses are way above the norm - they will look into every issue and give detailed feedback and explanations to every question you ask (you don't have to take my word for it - just look up their publicly visible support forum)

Furthermore, if you are trying to actually do some complicated things with their product and even hack it - they don't hide behind the standard excuse of "outside of their intended scope" - if you have a legitimate question, they will do their best to answer it. It's great.

(Again, because this was fairly effusive I have to again say that I don't work for their company and have no stake of any sort)

Anyway, if you are looking for LinkedIn connect component, this is excellent.