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byadop, May 31, 2012
The extension is good as indicated by many reviews. Support is not professional. I asked the first question after getting an Error 500 on installation and got attention after 2 weeks when somebody asked me if everything was Ok. Asked more questions that were not answered in time to make me thing that I could use this product for professional development. As ram_ga wrote some posts before if time is critical just forget about Breezing Forms. You would loose a lot of time, build frustration and also loose you money.
But if you are really desperate to use it for your projects before subscribing just ask to get time-limited access to the subscribers forum. If they say no it could already be an indication that support is a problem. If they say yes you should scroll and see how many posts do not have an answer and how long they date back.
If you checked the forum now for example you would see that they have actually added one person to provide support but you would also notice a post from 2 days ago reading "Lack of response" where the user complains that nobody has addressed his issue in the last 2 weeks. So claiming that support is excellent as Markus does is a big overstatement!
Owner's reply


the person you were referring to bumped his message all the time. Since we are working bottom up, things like these can happen, especially if a user is impatient due to his tight schedules. Last but not least his concern included custom coding which is not part of the support.

However, in your error 500 case you already know that it was a server misconfiguration where we helped you, so I cannot completely follow your frustration.

If you want to discuss things you don't like, feel free to post them directly in our forums and I am sure we get things sorted.

Thanks & Regards,