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byadrian.rosian, September 13, 2012
Useful, good implementation, pretty clean code.

Keep up the good work, guys!
byadrian.rosian, September 13, 2012
Excellent extension, great functionality, great interface.

Guys, great job!

For the link back to you, the elegant thing to do would be to make it an option in the configuration.
byadrian.rosian, September 12, 2012
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By far the most flexible editor for Joomla. It allows for complete control over your content.

Congratulations to the creators. Keep up the good work!
byadrian.rosian, February 1, 2012
Thank you very much for the extension, it's a lot of work to do for free and I for one appreciate that as I am a developer myself.

One small observation, though: your component is GPL, which means one can modify it as he/she wants and can distribute the modifications under the same terms. You cannot forbid them to modify a component unless they make a donation, this is not how it works.

Again, great job!
byadrian.rosian, February 6, 2010
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I must say I am impressed with this component. If you are carefull when developing your website and you use a good template and you use sound building practices, this component can help you fill in the gaps for section an categories SEO and also for the components for which the SEO doesn't seem to be important.
Congratulations to the developer, I am an extension developer myself and I very much like this one.
Keep up the good work!
byadrian.rosian, August 24, 2009
Component Content Control
Very good work, Roger! Nice code, clean and to the point. You should consider striping the parameters from the plugin and combining this with a component to create a true acl system, with groups and permissions to access every component. It's a start.
byadrian.rosian, August 21, 2009
At first I was skeptical, knowing Fotis from his posts on Twitter. I said to myself "someone that proud cannot produce something good". I then tried, in a moment of "weakness" the component. I must admit that if I would have created such a component, I would be twice more infatuated!

By far the best content organizing component, it has everything that a website needs to get success. I haven't tested it yet for SEO but if that part is as well done as the rest of the component, than I cannot say something else but that I bow to the creator and wish them all the best in the world for giving the community their great work.
byadrian.rosian, May 27, 2009
Excellent component, quality coding, nice features and totally free.
Congratulations to the developer and his team!
byadrian.rosian, February 4, 2009
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Worked as a charm! The documentation is easy to understand and the plugin is simply great.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your good feedback :)