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byadrianboogaard, July 7, 2013
This extension make serving ads in sobipro a breeze, it looks complicated at the start but after a short period of time it is an excellent tool, worth every PENNY.

byadrianboogaard, June 24, 2013
CoalaWeb Traffic
Works right out of the box, easy to use and simple to configure. Even if you don't really need a super high end visitor counter, it's free at the moment so download it and play with it. Very cool and a great marketing asset to know where your viewers are comming from! I would pay for this extensions.
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to review Traffic, getting reviews like this always inspire me to keep improving and expanding my extensions so thanks.

byadrianboogaard, June 21, 2013
SW Tabs PRO for K2
This works straight out of the box (or download)! Configure an GO. Easy overrides in Category setup. Just simple straight forward and functional. Very nice looking as-well. I can't tell you anything about support because I read the documentation and everything just works, so I give this extension 4-thumbs UP. I hope the write some stuff for ZOO as well. Very easy transaction. THANK YOU GUYS!
byadrianboogaard, May 24, 2013
A must have even if you are just for playing around with it. Super versatile and fairly user friendly! I actually bought it twice now. J1.5 and again for 3.0 and they credited me my original purchase on the upgrade package. Amazing! Keep up the good work.
byadrianboogaard, May 24, 2013
Page Peel Banner
Does what it says and looks even better and it's free. No problems from download to install and configuration. Give it a try it is great.
byadrianboogaard, May 24, 2013
SobiPro works great just from the free download, if you wish to change the templates to your liking.. well that's a different story. So I read the documentation and came to the conclusion I am 100% a prehistoric extinct animal, I have no clue of what these people are saying. So what to do. JOIN the SobiPro Club for a few dollars and man am I glad I did. I have never ever seen such a responsive forum in my life. Less than 24 hours per incident (and I have had many). The knowledge base is enormous! Without the support I would have rated between average and good. With a SobiPro Club membership Excellent does not cover this review. The possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit!!!! Use this extension. No I am in no way affiliated with these great people.
byadrianboogaard, April 10, 2011
R3D Floater
Does what is says, thank you for your fine work!