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OK, JCE is close to being the perfect editor. I like everything it does. It handles everything well. Meets my standards for HTML. I've been using an older version for a while which had issues with adsense code, but I recently updated and noticed some changes in the configuration which should solve this.

I rely on images to spice up my site and showcase photography from my local niche. In turn the photographers link to me and send me a lot of traffic, so images are VERY important to my site. JCE handles this well for the most part. Again, it meets my needs, and there's always extra plugins should I want more. Unfortunately, I need to manually edit a lot of the image links, as JCE points to images/file.jpg, and not /images/file.jpg (referring to root). This creates problems on section and category blog layout pages.

In JCE's defense, it does give me the option of choosing whether or not to use absolute urls for images, but I'd rather not. It also has a "File Directory Path" which I've tried changing from images to /images, but this has had no success on html output when I use the editor to link to an image. Overall good editor but one small limitation happens to hurt my particular site.