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byadunanza, September 5, 2014
Phoca Guestbook
I upgraded my guestbook to Joomla 3.3 and the latest phoca guestbook and all items did not display in the correct order anymore. Even after one week of talking to phoca I was not able to get the items in date order. In the end I had to use another component.
Owner's reply

Hi, as written in Phoca Forum, if you want to change ordering, you need to set if ASC (ascending) or DESC (descending)

- Order by
- Order direction
- Order direction for comments


order by DATE - of course - this does not change anything until we will say what we exactly want, so we set:

Order direction: ASC - we have set ordering ascending and we can set ordering descending

If we want to change ordering, we must say how we want to have it, it means, we first set:

by which value we will order - if by DATE or USERNAME but this is very important, we need to say, we want order it ASCENDING or DESCENDING

I don't understand this review and I don't understand why did you do? I can record step by step instruction how to set it and record how it normally works. So this is definitely not a problem of the component. Of course I cannot say what exactly the problem was in your case when you cannot wait for the step by step solution in Phoca Forum.

This is really something wrong in our world - when we don't want to solve our problems but our goal is to make a complaint about the problem.

We don't accept that we can use free extensions with free support and get free time by the extension developer but if the developer waits e.g. one or two days with the answer (do you really think that you get answer in minutes by something what is done in free time? No such way it does not work, I need to go to my regular work, so I can then do free extensions) we just will make a complaint in other forum.

Normally, I am trying to solve user's problem step by step in the forum - asking the details of problems and suggest possible solutions and this takes some time but this requires patience.

So I really don't understand this :-(

byadunanza, September 5, 2014
This is an awesome component. It imported all phoca items and displayed them correctly. Phocas was not able to do that even after one week of trying.

This is a perfect guestbook. well doen guys. I will donate.
byadunanza, February 14, 2014
It took me a bit to realize the the "Profiles" are the Forms (rather unconventional name I think). But after that this component worked immediately. Easy to use and has so many option. Great work.
byadunanza, May 11, 2013
Maxi Menu CK
This component is not that easy to use. But keep trying and reading the instruction. Once you understand the concept there is hardly a limit. Great work guys. Well done for an awesome piece of software.
byadunanza, November 27, 2012
Modules Anywhere
I been using the free version on numerous site and this is the best plugin I know for adding modules anywhere. I have just bought the PRO version and I kick myself for not doing this earlier. WOW, the pro function make this an awesome tool.
byadunanza, November 15, 2012
I needed a tab system that not only works in articles bit one that I could easily use in my own coding. And this is the most easy I ever used. Totally recommend this.
byadunanza, March 16, 2012
We are using this on very big sites and this delivers great stats. I recommend this to anybody.
byadunanza, November 3, 2009
Google Maps by Reumer
I had a small issue on an old J1.0 site. Mike took the time to look at the problem and even fix it for free. Wow. What a great support.

I have been using this plugin on several site. I recommend it to anybody.
byadunanza, August 27, 2008
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Wow what a great component, so easy to use. Forum very good as well.
byadunanza, July 23, 2008
Akeeba Backup
Wow, how easy was that. I always dread backups if you don't have ftp access to the old site. But with this tool it turns out to be a pleasure. Install the component, make the backup, FTP the backup to the new site and run the installer. Worked without any fault and very smoothly. Thanks for a great product. I already donated for this component. Money well spent.