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byaerostrato, April 6, 2013
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
When you realize that stopping the registration of spam account is your first issue when taliking about spam issues a great fix is to install this plugin that makes use of many services to stop spam users!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

byaerostrato, February 27, 2013
Hello, this is the first mail extension that when installed give your web site the ability to start receicing and sending mail messages without to set u any web server! I hope to see it to interplay with Fabrik e-mail plugin in order to build up complex exciting web site function like: event managed by : area on a map, commercial deals by zip code, registry of lost/found pets etc. Bye the way, the main Fabrik developer seems to be available to do that; his comment on this extension is the first one! :)
Thank you.

very promising extension but the advanced search and some other features like table joining and prefilter (left join atc.) works only if the last update due to the continuing development is ok.

So still instable for now.

I hope that in a stable release all the advanced features will work. It would be the only advanced database Joomla extension to be open source!!


Owner's reply

hi the latest release 2.0rc3 has fully working support for joins and prefilters.
We've been working on improvements to the nightly builds to enhance the filter code, which has meant the SVN has had some issues, but I feel its really unfair to rate us as 1 star for work that hasn't had an official release :(