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byafarkas, March 8, 2013
JE Surveys
My fault is that i did not read the first review ...
This component is really a nonsense ... i just lost 19 dollars ... there is no way to publish it on the site ... no documentation, no tutorials, no FAQ ... DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY, THEY DO NOT DESERVE A SINGLE CENT ...
byafarkas, December 9, 2012
i have try it soooo much times ... i install the plugin, then i go to the plugin configuration ... there is only the left part of the options ... the right part where i should choose country to block, or choose whether to use local or remote country database are ABSENT ... when i enable the plugin, my site is not accesible anymore from NO country ... using the newest 2.5 joomla (2.5.8 i think)
Owner's reply


As per our discussion on email, it seems you had installed the plugin meant for Joomla 1.5 on Joomla 2.5. Installing the correct version fixed the issue.


byafarkas, November 25, 2012
Auto onPageLoad Popup
This module does exactly what it states to do.
The terms and conditions are brief and clear, no false guarantee statements displayed on product page.

The support is bloody quick (they took 3 minutes to reply me for a little css customisation, today, sunday night) and professional.

I highly recommend this product and infyways in general.

Thanks guys, you rocks
byafarkas, November 18, 2012
Shadowbox Media Viewer
i would really like to have this plugin work on my site ...
The only way it work for me it is with option "Base Adapter" ... with any other options it do not works...
Only with option "Prototype" it do not conflicts with my Joomgallery Slimbox popups of images ... with any other option the Joomgallery opens the images twice ...
Wery strange behavior ... i had try everything to avoid the conflict, but could not figure it out ...
byafarkas, October 23, 2012
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Fixed Vertical Search Button
this is a great plugin, works perfect out of the box. even, after installing i wanted to modify a feature, so i wrote to the developer, hoping to get instructions which part of the code i should change and in stead of that the next day i got a new version by mail, where my desired feature is selectable in the admin interface ... (left or right position of the search button) ... so ... perfect extension with perfect support. Thanks a lot
byafarkas, April 10, 2011
if there is not this little bug of captcha in the newest version (2.0.15) (which is solved in the suport forum) it is simply an excelent extension ...
Thanks much!