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byafeinstein, February 10, 2009
Nicely done. At first, its a little intimidating, because of the long instructions and the unusual extension structure. Forget about it! Instructions are clear and I got it running in less than 20 minutes and it works so well. Many thanks!!!
byafeinstein, October 19, 2008
mavik Thumbnails
Flawless. Couldn't be easier to implement. Works well in both Slimbox and Joomla Modal. Thanks!
byafeinstein, August 31, 2008
JSP AddThis
Worked like a charm! Thanks a lot.
byafeinstein, July 17, 2008
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Got a working form with all the bells and whistles in less than 20min and I am no developer!! Used Dreamweaver to create the form and pasted it right in. Even validation was easy as well as sending the user feedback that the form was sent out.

Only problem was that in Joomla 1.5, my global config server mail setting was not right and created an error so I changed it from PHP to sendmail and its great!

I am so happy!