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byafrttoh, December 29, 2011
Account Expiration Control
First please do not believe the owner reply if they reply to my comment as I am a PHP, Java developer myself and I am 100% sure of everything I say, of course they will try to make their software and company look good in here and customers like me are “inexperience enough or they did not know how to fix the issue the right way…”
I personally think after buying and trying AEC for few months it is full of bugs and especially the "subscription has expired page"
I have seen this ugly page many times and in different occasions! Sometimes it comes up when someone tries to register on the website and sometimes it disappear and another time when I turned SEO on …….much more to say here and I am not making this comment to get the issue solved here!
When i contact support they always put the blame on joomla and vanish or try to give you some unprofessional work around to make it work “as it should”!
I found the way they talk about their component as if AEC is the professional content management system and joomla is a silly small under development component!
If the problem with joomla, then why don’t you make GOOD PHP FIXES for it? People like me paid you MONEY and I really expected a better service and software.
When i submit a ticket it takes long time for them to assign to someone to response.
They are very slow and seem board when they reply to messages or response to tickets.
Currently they have one person who replies to messages on the “dead “forum “he is just a guy who has a general knowledge about programming and ok knowledge about AEC” he only reply if he feels like it and if you really insets! And he always promises to refer the issue to the main developer to look at in the “soon future”
I had this problem and many other problems on joomla 1.7.2 and 1.7.3 i have the latest AEC installed.
Finally I can’t deny it is a very good effort they made to bring this software up which looks very professional at first but sadly it needs good programmers to finish it off as it is incomplete component.
I am going to make a PayPal claim to get my money back as I did not get what I have paid for and what the discretion of the software say in here!!
Buyers Beware!!!!
Do not rely on this component and make a business website with loads of customers!
You will end up hiring a private programmer to fix many issues and bugs with this component which will cost you a lot!
You might as well find a better component or a professional company to do it for you from scratch!
Owner's reply

Starting out by saying that you are the expert and I as the developer am not to be trusted is an... interesting way to begin your review. You certainly do seem "100% sure" of what you say. Let me just state I have no reason to lie to make myself look good - I have built my business for a number of years now and if I had built it on such lies, I wouldn't have it anymore, by now.

You say that AEC is "full of bugs" and then you mention a single one - and you also say that we claimed Joomla had bugs. Both is, of course, absolutely possible - software has bugs, nobody is perfect. However, talking to Jake who handled the support with you, I found out that you not only hacked AEC up, you also hacked the Joomla core. What we actually told you was that you needed to update Joomla because your outdated version had a number of bugs that caused issues on your site and could be resolved by the update. But you didn't want to do that because of your modifications. Initially, you didn't even want to file a support ticket, stating in our forums that you don't want to /because/ you modified the code. Well - how, then, do you think either people on the forums or in support are supposed to help you out?

Furthermore, you mention that the big issue was users running into the "your membership is expired" page too often - but there is no mention of that in any of the support tickets. This might be an example of a problem with Joomla since AEC mostly just amends the "you need to log in to see this" message to be a "please subscribe or log in" message.

On one ticket, we tried to access your server to look into the issues anyhow and requested login details. You sent us the details and we tried to log in with them, but they did not work. We told you they were wrong and then you closed all the tickets. Again - how are we supposed to help you?

As for the forums - once again, as our disclaimer states - it's a community forum, not a support forum. We do our best to keep up with it, but the support ticket system is where the support happens.

As for taking too long to respond - the only time we took longer than half a business day was when we took 5 days. Over Thanksgiving holidays.

byafrttoh, December 12, 2011
Contact Enhanced Component
This is the best contact us extinction for joomla you could ever find
The customer support is very fast and very friendly and helpful
Do not think twice, Buy with confidence!
byafrttoh, November 25, 2011
Simple Upload
This is a good module but it does not accept any video file format i have tried many but none worked!
Only documents, images, zip.etc
Owner's reply

SimpleUpload for default accept extensions.
Your problem is php, in php.ini exists the limitation to lenght of upload.

upload_max_filesize = here lenght in M

Other directive also.

byafrttoh, August 15, 2011
This extension did exactly what I wanted it too. My client is very happy.
Support was fantastic and I highly recommend it. 10 stars++++++++++++++