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byafurzmom, April 16, 2013
BreezingForms (Lite)
As the webmaster for a nonprofit group, we don't have lots of $$ for expensive extensions. BreezingForms is the best of the best! Just started using it (I was doing html forms for our site) in Joomla and it ROCKS! Now all our forms can be administrated through our website, rather than external software. Thanks for a great extension!
byafurzmom, April 30, 2012
CN Pinterest
This extension is nearly there. The problem is that it puts the button above the "Read More" link on our articles, which means if you try to Pin them, no images show up to pin. If you click the read more button and pin from there, you do get an image, but I can't rely on the public to figure that out.

Would also like to control which categories are Pinable.

I'd really like to use this, so I'm hoping for these minor changes to earn 5 stars!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. This plugin has definitely been a work in progress, but this new version (v.1.4) I just put out today has the items you listed fixed.

You are able to set articles or whole categories to not show this plugin. Also the button does not show unless it can find an image in the article (the whole reason for Pinterest are images). So only if the article has an image or a K2 item has an image, will the pin it button show.

I appreciate the feedback man, have a great day!

Caleb Nance

byafurzmom, July 28, 2010
JCK Editor
Could not be any better. My users are going to love it!