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byagar, August 31, 2011
Very Simple Image Gallery
Simple indeed, but powerful and if you have good content results will be amazing. Many configuration options allowing to suit your needs. I was able to embed it inside my articles and create eye-catching content. Certainly worth recommending!
byagar, August 31, 2011
I needed to put a simple Javascript inside my articles, and Sourcerer solved my problem in minutes. Very sophisticated tool, with detailed security configuration and its own code editor.
I recommend this extension to anyone who needs to go a bit beyond standard Joomla capabilities.
byagar, August 31, 2011
I was looking for something that could let me embed long forms inside article, not making it excessively long and organizing them in logical units. Once I have found it I knew this was it. Many configuration options, very good documentation. I was able to embed it on my site quite quickly and customize it via css, although I am definitely not an expert in this area. The final result was outstanding. Very good job!
byagar, August 31, 2011
RSform Pro
Very powerful. You can build quite complex forms with e-mail submissions. Lots of variables that can be used to customize your e-mail submissions. Also the submissions management is very good. Fast support. I was given direct and effective solution in minutes. Hidden fields with the possibility to put some code in them are my favourite ones. With this feature, some googling, logic thinking, I was able to automate my site, despite of lack of PHP and Javascipt expertise. I recommend this extension! It is definitely worth its price.
byagar, August 31, 2011
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Lof ArticlesSlideShow
This is something you certainly would like to have on your home page! Many configuration options allowing to embeed on different sites, deeper integration can be done via CSS. Beautifull overall result. No direct support but I was able to find some answers on this extension's forum. Excellent job!
byagar, August 31, 2011
Easy to setup, easy to customize. Does its job as promised!
byagar, August 31, 2011
I was terrified by the complexity of some other extensions. I just wanted to put the Google code, save, and forget. I found this one and it made me smile :-) If you value your time then this is Google Analytics solution for you!
byagar, August 31, 2011
BonckoWall ImageWall
Definitely recommend this extension. I have used it to create jewelry showcase. I was able to install and configure it very quickly with no errors. Lots of configuring options, including inline parameters when embeeding Cooliris inside your content (ie. article). Customizing it to suit the general concept of my page was a piece of cake. Good job done!
I only wish the display and animation of photos to be a bit smoother (the problem might be that BonckoWall does not automaticaly generate thumbnails and does not put it into RSS files so if you want to show hi-res picture they have to be loaded in full size). I had a small issue not caused by this module and contacted the author and received a feedback quickly.