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byagathic, April 26, 2010
I used this extension before and it warked just like I expected, was great. my site was hacked and database was corrupted, I had to rebuild it from scratch, I installed this extension again, exactly as I did before, but I am having a problem that I can not understand.

The stats shows only one person logged in, even if there are 50 more persons, it only shows me, the adminstrator. it does not show my activities on the site like moving from one page to another as it used to do keeps my IP address but no one else. and when I sign in the following day, it does not change the date or activity.

can any one help, or suggest a sotlution.

I left several emails on the authers homepage, with no response.

Owner's reply

Hello agathic,
I hope your hack was not related to JoomlaWatch. It has several protection against sql injection etc. The reason why I have overlooked it is that it was posted into the forum and not as a bug report (as strongly suggested in forum). From there it's easier to track the whole process. I'm going to make some time to work on new features so I hope I could also take a look at your problem.

Best Regards,

Matej Koval