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byagavinwoods, August 8, 2010
This is simply the best out there. I've gotten the most positive feedback from end-users using this editor. The other editors out there are good as well but this one is just solid through and through with it's features and capabilities. Keep up the great work.
Phoca Gallery
Overall well done. I've been looking for a photo gallery that is easy and quick to use front-end. Most of the features are very well done however the flow process of creating categories, subcategories and populating them with images becomes a tedious process with this approval process that you can't disable. Honestly, if the approval process wasn't there, I would be giving 5 stars and just repeating my utmost love for this extension. Although unfortunately, the approval or "authorization" just adds too much complexity to something so simple. It simply takes too much time and overhead from the end-user and administrator's point of view to populate galleries produced by this extension with images. Below are a couple examples:

The upload feature itself is nice and easy to use, however the approval process after you upload the images is nice if you need an approval process. If you don't need an approval process, it becomes very annoying to say the least. Basically everytime a new image, you need to click approve for each individual image that is uploaded. There should be an option to automatically approve every new image that's uploaded on the front end.

Simple things like creating new categories from the front-end are not easy to do, unless you have a Joomla Administrator on duty. Even for the administrator, it becomes a little tedious when you have to manually create a storage directory for each category. Automatically creating storage directories for new categories and sub categories is something that should be done by automatically.

Good job overall but the flow from an end-user and administrator's point of view is definitely lacking. Although keep up the good work, this is a very good photo gallery, allow the Joomla Administrator to disable the approval process and this will be a fantastic extension.
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"There should be an option to automatically approve every new image that's uploaded on the front end."

Of course there is one, see:

"Enable User Upload Image Authorization - If yes, the uploaded image will be set as not authorized and must be authorized by administrator. If no, the uploaded image will be set as authorized"

"Automatically creating storage directories for new categories and sub categories is something that should be done by automatically."

If user will create a category in frontend, the folder is created automatically.

See more info in forum why the folder is not automatically created while manually creating new category in admin - search "advantages of separate database and filesystem layers"

Please take note that it is very humiliating for each developer if you write a review which is based on ignorance of the documentation or the unwillingness to look at the parameters. :-( :-(

Thank you for understanding, Jan

This is probably one of the more promising extensions in Joomla. For its been one of Joomla's biggest issues, which is custom content. With K2 you can generate pretty much any content you want in any fashion/shape/form.

While this is very easy for a Joomla Backend Administrator to use, there's really no use for most Joomla websites because it lacks front-end content submission - which is the biggest downside to it.

Most Joomla websites have multiple front-end users whom need to submit content from the front-end with ease. To make this a truly awesome extension, the following functionality would be great: Front-end content submission functionality and completely customized submission pages (Like ChronoForms).

Overall I think its a good extension. If you have a site that is maintained purely by Backend Administrators, this is a fantastic component, and I recommend everyone to use it because you can do anything backend!
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Actually there is Frontend submission, you just didn't look at the component "global parameters".

However, in v2 coming in a few days, we extend frontend submission even further to allow add/edit access to specific categories and for specific users. More soon.

byagavinwoods, April 27, 2009
After spending a couple hours in figuring out what does what, this component is truly awesome. Once one figures out how the interface works, its truly a powerful tool. If you are a developer and you want a quick and easy method of creating forms, then this is the tool! You have control over pretty much anything and can do pretty much anything, extremely customizable. If you are a novice web developer, then you dont need to know much to construct a form.

My hat is off to these developers. I have to create a lot of forms under a tight deadline and this tool saved me an all-nighter.

Although, I would make a suggestion. For when you add a form link in any of your menus, there should be some text boxes to allow one to add content to the form in the menu item creation component. I know you can add the HTML manually to the form, but often I am developing Joomla sites and then leaving maintenance to the user... they will struggle if they dont know joomla or web development for that matter.
byagavinwoods, December 27, 2008
JCK Editor
Joomla's original editor kinda scared me. And knowing the website that I am currently developing is going to be used by absolute novice users, I knew the standard Joomla editor would confuse my end-users. I installed JoomlaFCK Editor and it truly does not disappoint. It even loads quicker, if you ask me. But the main point to make out of this is, end-users dont like web UI's. Especially now a days where every website (especially editors) has a different UI. It is best to bring in a simple and straight to the point UI. And on top of that, bring the user something they are familiar to. Like Office 03 and 07. The office 07 look is definitely easy to use. Even I found it much easier to use. There are also an assortment of advanced features.

Download this and upgrade your editor. You will not regret it!
Owner's reply

I know some open-source users would prefer us to steer away from using the MS 2007 style toolbar as default but your argument is compelling! I agree as it must be right to bring a familiar User Interface (UI) that is simple to use. Thanks for the review.