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byagentsnap, November 16, 2013
I am using the free version to test-drive this extension. I love the concept and believe it will work for my needs. However, I sent pre-purchase questions to the developer and have been waiting for answers before making a $160 (USD) purchase. The silence leads me to believe that the support will be non-existent.
byagentsnap, August 16, 2013
Ticketmaster is a great extension, doing everything it promised.

I must tell about the developers quick response time, and eagerness to help solve problems. I will definitely look to RD Media for other extensions in the future.
byagentsnap, September 7, 2012
Content Uploader Pro
I have been struggling with creation and management of several sites with hundreds of articles. This extension took weeks of work and, after the initial setup of my excel spreadsheet, processed it all in minutes. Seriously... minutes!

Now that I have the spreadsheet template set, and the created article IDs in the spreadsheet as well, I can update information across numerous articles quickly, whether it is changing metadata, publish/un-publish dates, category, alias, title, everything.

The developer was quick to answer some pre-purchase questions I had before I pulled the trigger on the purchase. I have not had a need to contact for support, so I can't advise about that, but the fact that I haven't needed to contact him says a lot about the product.
News Show Pro GK4
First, I like this extension, it does almost every thing I need it to do. One flaw, you cannot use a dollar sign ($) in an article title or intro text (if displaying intro text). If you do use "$" it will not display it or the next 2 characters. (This used to be a larger Joomla issue, but no longer). With this being a free product understandably there is limited to no support, however, there isn't an obvious way to report bugs such as these (posting to the forum is locked to paid support accounts). I reported this bug through the sales contact form, as it was the only open door I could find. It has been about a month and a new release has been issued without a fix. Again, I get that support is for paying customers, but there should be an open forum or form to report bugs and a "known bugs" page to know that the developer is aware of bugs.
byagentsnap, October 18, 2011
This extension, at its core, is amazing. A true value for the price. However, beyond the product, the service is exceptional. The support team took the time to explore the code and settings to find the one feature I had set incorrectly.

If you are looking to build a social site or sub-site. This is the extension for you...