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byaikigi, April 16, 2014
Store for K2
Just start using K2store for a small website. Although it can confuse at first because of the seamless integration with K2 (K2 items, categories..), once you understand the way it work (and it doesn't take long) it is actually very user friendly.
Ho and Support is just great and fast!
byaikigi, June 29, 2012
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My Social Timeline
I just purchase Social timeline and I am very please with it. It is very easy to install/configure and until now everything work perfectly.
The only down side is that you have to create a menu to be able to display the content which limit it's use. So I contact the developer and ask if they were planning to create modules and plugins (I ask for jomsocial plugin) and they told me they were about to launch a new version with all those feature in it... Very happy!!
byaikigi, March 23, 2012
BS Myjspace
I use this component on my site and it working perfectly. I had a little issue at first with the Index that wasn't working correctly and of course as most of the time it wasn't a component problem but configuration error on my side. The support is fantastic and everything was fix quickly. Now my user can create completely page and let their creativity show.
Thank you for this free extension.
byaikigi, March 23, 2012
CComment Pro
This is a great extension. Easy to use, lot of options and integration with other extension. Plus the support is excellent.
Highly recommended.
byaikigi, March 23, 2012
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Profile Pro for JomSocial
This is a excellent extension to modified jomsocial template. I didn't know anything about code before using it so it took some time to understand how it's work, but after playing a little with it everything became clear. I highly recommend this extension to anybody that want to change it's template easily. Even if it is better to know a little about code (I mean i still copy and past mind!!!) this extension is really for everyone.
The only thing to improve would be the documentation. But the support is outstanding.