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byailoen, November 13, 2012
I have installed the version 2.3.0 to my Joomla!2.5.4 and it just want work. I cannot even open the component, it just generate error. So, I uninstalled and try few more times but the error is the same.

So I have to say... if it works for you, well that´s good, but if you are looking for sitemap generator then save your time by using something else.

Errors make me go crazy, I hate when things are not tested well enough and when I spend a lot of time doing stuff that does not lead me anywhere.
Owner's reply

Hi, I'm sorry you are having issues but it's because the version of Joomla you are using, you should consider upgrading to 2.5.8 to fix this issue. There are many security issues on 2.5.4 anyways.

I order to make Xmap compatible with 3.0 I have to make some modifications and that makes it incompatible with older versions of Joomla.

byailoen, December 8, 2011
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iJoomla Surveys
I´ve bought three components from iJoomla and the most important thing is that it works, that is the main issue. But iJoomla Survey have brought us feedback from our customers that makes us feel stupid...

1. In some browsers, and in some cases, the survey just will not work what ever you do.

2. Customizing the look is not good, some of the html does not have a css reference/class/id so if you can´t html/css you have a problem. Matching the look for the site, as this is a front page and made-for-users system, is really not made good.

3. Bugs in coding still exist, for example when adding new question then saving it often makes a new line for the alternatives and this shows up a list element/alternative question in the survey without any text. Just a readio box.

4. The text editor has not been working in our survey system at all, ftp access and admin access is given to iJoomla crew but there ain´t done anything. We installed the component on another joomla site we have, same issues there.

Well, I want go through all issues though. But what I will say is that this component needs better testing by competent people and a comprehensive user testing before you can take payment for it. The money back guarantee does not help customers because many things require some usage before they are discovered, but this system might be released 2-3 weeks before it should have been.

We have the iJoomla Survey and we spent a lot of money making a survey campaign, but we cannot use it and it´s just to bad. Hopefully iJoomla don´t get mad about the review, as the other one that was honest, and hopefully the information is used to improve the component to a fully working system some day.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the honest review. First, we will look into ALL these issues and correct them for the next version. Second, I do hope you submitted a support ticket with all these specific details. It's impossible for us to find every issue on our own, no matter how many tests we do, and we do a lot of tests. We need our customers to let us know when issues occur and not after 2 months of frustrations, we have a team of programmers that are eager to fix any bugs and issues.

byailoen, October 28, 2011
The xmap stuff literally destroyed my site, I did not have access to my own front end site. I downloaded this, installed and 30 seconds later the sitemap was submitted! Wow! Fantastic, this does what it´s suppose to do.