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byajacwebdesign, February 12, 2014
This is a great extension in so many ways. I will start by saying that if SEO isn't a huge concern then this is a really good extension, but be prepared....many WP plugins are going to give you MySQL errors.

We also had an issue with the title system being goofy on the blog post pages. Almost like there were duplicate titles. We got a 1/2 answer to our question, and when we had a few follow up questions we received no answer. Now on any PC we can no longer log into the developers site to fill out a new ticket, ad there seems to be no other way to contact them.

Also there is no way to remove the blog post details as you can in normal WP by a simple file edit. There is zero documentation to explain how to do any of this me these are simple things that anyone should have access to make the blog function how they want, and lets face of the most appealing parts of WP is the SEO, but with titles that are all messed up why bother.

All that said we will continue to use this as there is no better available option, but we now need to pay another dev to fix this install to work right. Truly a bummer; because minus the few severe issues this would be one of the best extensions available. :(
Owner's reply

Now you state about SEO? then go on about plugins... not sure what you mean but...

WP4J Terms and conditions specify that you use 3rd party plugins at your own risk. Some wordpress plugins just plain don't work, this is a sad fact and something you agree to before purchase.

WP4J is fully templated and it is remarkably easy to edit the layout of your blog - don't be afraid to look around in the component directory, very straight forward to alter things.

Unfortunately some Joomla installs are so bloated with 3rd party extensions that it is virtually impossible for anything to work properly, on the whole most people do not have any problems with WP4J and I am sorry that you did.

byajacwebdesign, November 2, 2013
We were working with a client in the robotics industry. Their target audience was engineers and they wanted a whole bunch of data tables.

In typical fashion we ran around pulling out our hair and crying like little girls. :( The entire site had been done in a responsive framework, and anyone who has tried to make 15-20 tables responsive by hand will sympathize with our tear soaked faces.
Then we stumbled into this extension. Let me tell you...i is an ABSOLUTE GEM! Simple to use, and better yet responsive!
BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE! Now our client has the ability to simply FTP an excel spread sheet (needs to be named the same),Update 1 simple parameter, and BADA BOOM! The tables update dynamically! Because you assign a preset; set of CSS rules (which dont worry they have a generator for that all you non-CSS folks) and you can stop worrying about Styling issues.
We had one small problem where the application was not reading the alt+enter breaks used in our excel xml files. within 48 hours we received an email letting us know that they updated the component to fix the issue. Thats Jimmy rigging or all you need to do it: (input a ridiculous string of code only Mark Zuckerberg could understand)
I just cant say enough about this component. That said I need to stop typing....I have tables to place.
byajacwebdesign, September 29, 2013
Unite Revolution Responsive Slider
This is easily one of the absolute best modules available for Joomla! I have ceased using any other sliders; simply because this one does it all. Regardless of your skill level the options are straight forward, and powerful.

I have been developing high profile sites for some time, and sliders are a reality of web design, and used to be one of the bigger time hogs. This eliminates all of that.

Do yourself a favor and use this slider. It truly should be a community choice month in and out!
byajacwebdesign, July 20, 2013
Code 7 Responsive Slider
I've tried many Sliders in Joomla, and this is right up there with the best of them.

They key here is the simplicity of it. Anyone of any experience can pick it up and use it! Great work!
byajacwebdesign, July 19, 2013
Twitter Widget
I have been pulling my hair out looking for a good Twitter feed! There are a few others on here, but they tend to be expensive.

I was extremely disappointed to find that there was just no good free options.

Enter Twitter Widget!

I had it running in no time. It worked perfectly in my responsive design, and was easy to style to my tastes!

Cant say enough....great job on this module!