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byajmusic24, October 14, 2011
Ohanah looks good and has potential, but:

- Lacks several important features such as; payment integration and the ability to allow non-joomla users to register for an event.

- There should be an FAQ on the website along with an admin side demo to prevent people from paying and requesting a refund after finding out Ohanah doesn't do what one would expect.

- An FAQ and an admin demo will also help Ohanah with support since many questions will be answered preventing the need to send a support/sales request.

The only way I found out what Ohanah doesn't do is by reading other's post here on the forum. I sent a support request with functionality questions and have yet to get a response. Granted, I sent the request just 3 days ago, but that's 3 days wasted when an FAQ and admin demo would have saved all of us time.
Owner's reply

we implemented in the v2 all the features you were looking for. We also intorduced a mobile app, a full frontend, mobile and backend demo; together with a comprehensive faq sections and features list on the website.