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byaksmith, September 3, 2014
Alter Surveys
This survey component provides a wide range of easy-to-use options for setting up a survey/form. The presentation layer is really well-done and is optimized for mobile. Even better, the support goes the extra mile. After installing the component, my client asked for an additional feature (averaging of rating scores) that was not part of the extension feature set. I submitted a ticket asking if this might be possible, recognizing that this was a fairly significant addition. Two days later, a new version was released with the requested feature. This response really exceeded my expectations - I give a big thanks and bravo to the developer.
This extension provides a sophisticated, rich interface for mapping all kinds of content/news/rss sources to various Joomla content managers, including K2. I ordered a custom plugin that imports blog posts from a corporate content writing service into K2 blog categories. The plugin was developed and installed on time and meets our project requirements brilliantly. This involved some continuous dialogue with foobla support as we worked out the details. The support team and developers responded to all tickets in a timely, professional manner.
Working with data-centric, xml content is always a challenge. This extension provides an excellent solution for importing rss and other types of feeds into your site.
byaksmith, May 15, 2011
Admin Tools Professional
1. It gives you control over a wide range of tested security measures that allow you to customize your approach. The many options and flexibility enable me to match appropriate methods with server environment, client requirements and other variables. I am personally fond of the Web Application Firewall - I do recommend using the exceptions log to sift the hapless from the malicious.
2. The documentation is well-written, richly detailed, and clear as a button hook in a well. Nicholas provides nothing short of a crash course in Joomla security. My advice: take the time to read it through - it's a real eye-opener.
3. Given its modest price, this extension provides incredible value.
Anyone who takes security seriously - and we all should - will appreciate this extension.
byaksmith, January 4, 2011
Import for K2
Thanks to this component, I was able to import 3,881 articles into K2 from a 1.0.x news site that had been hacked (backend access was lost). There is a learning curve and the documentation is not detailed. I used the sample CSV file from Artur's site and after some trial and error, it worked like a charm. Artur VERY generously sent me the latest copy for free - he has crafted a very powerful tool. THANK YOU for this fine work.