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byalann, June 30, 2012
HTML 2 Articles
We purchased the professional version of Html2Articles because we wished to import a large number of html files that had been created by a software help authoring package (HelpnDoc). Html2Articles provides lots of useful functionality for this task including lots of switches and filters. Because our Joomla site is quite customized and has additional security features we ran into some initial problems. We contacted Barnaby directly by skype and found him to be very responsive and helpful. With some input from him we were able to get Html2Articles working correctly. We were also able to adapt his module ourselves to add additional functionality whereby imported articles can be automatically associated with existing menu items. This lets us edit our help documentation as needed and then reimport in batch mode very efficiently. Without Html2Articles we would have needed to do a huge amount of manual editing and configuration on the Joomla side. It would have been nearly impossible to maintain concurrent edits of our base documentation and our website. The only other alternative would have been to link to the raw html, which would have serious security flaws.

We agree with other reviewers that Html2Articles fills an important functional need in the Joomla software ecosystem. It somewhat surprises us that this functionality is not part of the core.