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byalanshore, August 26, 2012
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We have a website composed of 10 000 members on it but we always see hacking attacks so we decided to install this plugin yesterday for the first time.

Excellent it worked for 14h. Then, impossible to get access to the backend anymore. Not even with the key or whatever you explain on your website.

Now, we are facing more than 50 members that can't access to some things they paid for.

We face a 403 forbidden page and nothing more is usable.

Thank you so much, we really appreciate it. No support, no documentation. That's why it's free.
Owner's reply

My software is very clearly written - and not obfuscated. It should be trivial for anyone who knows what they're doing to see that there aren't any 14 hour timers built into the code.

Additionally, there is only one piece of code that sends a response code - and that code is 404 - not 403. 404 is not found - as in the content doesn't exist, while 403 is forbidden - as in, the server has been configured to disallow access.

My guess is that you installed a whole bunch of things at the same time - and you have no idea what went wrong. If I was a betting man - I'd say you caused the error by changing something in your .htaccess file.