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byalarian, August 5, 2013
I use tabss (and also sliders) on all of my websites. It's so simple to use that it is a joy to work with. Also the support dedicated.
Sliders is a must have (like all of the extensions from Peter).

Thank you :-).
byalarian, August 5, 2013
I use sliders (and also tabs) on all of my websites. It's so simple to use that it is a joy to work with. Also the support dedicated.
Sliders is a must have (like all of the extensions from Peter).

Thank you :-).
byalarian, August 3, 2013
SEO Glossary
For a long time I've been looking for a glossary, which automatically provides terms in the articles on my website with a tooltip.

SEO Glossary does that and much more. I can edit the tooltip exactly as a normal post (ie insert images and hyperlinks).

This means that I can insert a "read more" link into the tooltip to the original article of my website.

And this is so easy:
1. Create a Glossary
2. Select Glossary
3. Enter term
4. In the HTML editor you can edit your text (image, hyperlink, etc.)
5. Save

SEO Glossary is now marking every article in which the term occurs, as a tooltip with a link to the original post.

It is very good, that always only the first term in an article is marked as a tooltip.

So everything looks still pretty clear.

Furthermore, I can take any glossary in a menu. That feature saves me a "cookbook".

SEO Glossary has a very good documentation in PDF format. Apart from that, SEO Glossary is very intuitive and easy to use, so you might not need the documentation ;-).

All in all I'm very excited about SEO Glossary. Nevertheless, I have a feature request:

The tooltips I,ve created appearing in all articles, even on the original article. Would be nice if I could select the articles in which the tooltip should appear. Because I don’t need a tooltip in the original article.
byalarian, July 29, 2013
I have redesigned my personal-trainer website. Dynamic404 ensures that the number of visitors remains stable.

Moreover, fast and competent support. Highly Recommended!
byalarian, November 4, 2012
Shotimoo is a very nice little tool to make visitors aware to eg Special Offers. I love the look and feel of this popup.

Easy to install and adjust. Please let it as it is.

Only one thing: html should be possible to embed a link. By pointing visitors to an offer, I would also like to make a link to that offer.

Otherwise perfect. Thank you very much.
byalarian, July 10, 2012
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For all the Dummies ;-) who are giving this extension a bad review:

1. I am also a Dummie, but I can read! Is to say that this extension is documented really well. And: It is not always the developers fault if something does not work!
2. I test (from experience) ANY extension for my website extensively on a local server first until I know that I can safely install it on my online website. Then nothing bad and no unpleasant surprise can happen.

What I like most about this extension:

1. Scope

At first you will be struck down of the configuration options in this extension. But on a local server (eg xampp) it's really easy and relaxed work to get to know this extension. Took with me about 1 hour (ok, maybe a little bit more ).

Plenty of presets with a very articulate tooltips (in German).

Automatically generated SEF urls can be changed effortlessly. Example: "ü" is by default changed to "u". In the editor, I have changed "u" in "ue"... klick on save - that's it ... just awesome!

The 404 management is a charm! sh404sef lists all the URLs, which triggered a 404 error. Here, you can redirect these URLs with two mouse clicks to a SEF URL. It is so easy I could hardly believe it, but it works (I have tested it).

2. Usability

With a little good will I have worked in quickly and now I love this extension! This is really worth every penny. Well documented, understandable Tooltips everywhere. Thats why after a short time this extension is very easy to use. For those who are too lazy to read the documantation before: do not give bad rating ;-).

3. What does this extension

Here are some figures: Before the installation I had an Alexa traffic rank global/de 480.000/21.000. After only 36 hours I'm on 420.000/16.500. The hits on my site have increased during this period, according to Piwik (Version 1.8.2) by about 30%. This is too much to be a coincidence IMO. The length of stay has increased significantly during the bounce rate dropped significantly.

4. My future request

A way to integrate Piwik into sh404sef would be awesome.

Even so, you get 5 stars from a happy, dummi user :-D. Please Keep it up. BTW, how much would you pay for an expert who makes all these optimization for your site by hand.
byalarian, December 22, 2011
2 Click Social Buttons
5 stars from me :-)

1. w3c valid
2. many customizable options
3. very nice look and feel
4. Privacy accessible
5. work with the following browsers: IE7 +, + FF8, and the current versions of Opera, Safari and Chrome.

Thank you for this great plugin / module, I love it!
Owner's reply

Nice! Thank you very much.

byalarian, December 22, 2011
Article Auto ToC
Very easy to install and adjust. W3C valid. The design can be changed very easily with CSS. Fast and friendly contact. My suggestion of a show / hide link in the table of contents was completed within an hour. Just incredible.

Two more suggestions from me:

Select whether the TOC is by default open or closed.

A switchable discreet animation when opening and closing the TOC would be nice.

Nevertheless, this little tool is a gem.

byalarian, December 22, 2011
Small and fine w3c valid slideshow which is very easy to install.
Also the settings are easy to make. Works fine with browsers IE7 +, Safari, FF3.6 +, Chrome and Opera.
Unlike other funky slideshow stuff with lots of effects, Showplus captivates slideeffects with some simple but very nice slide effects that are completely sufficient.

Very nice and fast contact with a problem that I had with a solution within a day.