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byalaskalive, August 11, 2011
Easy File Uploader
I did the work, went and got the script. Installed it, configured it, setup a page so I could access it and test it.. then, only then did I find out it is limited to 3 megabyte upload unless you pay.
That is not a problem, but would be awesome if it said that from the start!
Owner's reply

@alaskalive. Thank you for taking the time out to post a review of my module. However, your statement about paying for uploading a file larger than 3MB is simply not true. There is no limitation in my code regarding file size, except for what the user specifies in the settings. In addition, no where in my module, description or code, do I solicit users to pay for added features.

Oftentimes, file size upload limitations are specified at the PHP/server settings, and they override the "Maximum File Size (bytes)" setting in the Module Manager. If you need assistance is understanding or find out how to change these settings, I invite you to visit my support site: I check this site every day, and I do my best to answer everyone in a timely fashion. Please visit my support site at your earliest convenience.

byalaskalive, July 18, 2011
I am a web developer and have installed over 100 Joomla Websites.
I have setup many other Top Forums for clients who used CMS website and JOOMLA such as SMF and others.

I can assure you. Do not waste your time with another forum Component.
Features of Kunena that stand far above all the others out there from both the Web Developer and the Front End User standpoint? Total integration with Joomla, Log into Joomla and you are Automatically Logged into the Forum.. no need to re log into another forum.. Registrants to the website are automatically registered with the Forum as Members.. .too many to list.. Take my word for it.. Simply always use KUNENA as your Forum and Discussion Software if you use Joomla for your Website! Do not waste your time with anything else! Support is AWESOME as well.
byalaskalive, February 2, 2011
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
I have installed hundreds of Joomla sites.
I have Community Builder installed in many.
Community Builder wants you to pay a large sum of money for what this script does for free.
I do not mind paying, but fall short on funds this week.. but needed this. I was getting 200 form submissions, registration on one of my sites a day. I installed this, configured it in 2 minutes or less and BAM ZERO SPAM, ZERO!
I only use it for Registration From on my site. Not logging in.
Thank you. Thank you so much for this script.
Owner's reply

You are welcome. Thank you for the review!

byalaskalive, June 3, 2010
No hurry.
Very Knowlegable
Very, Very efficient.
Rated the Very Best.
The product, JNEWS, though it has some awesome features, the SMARTNEWSLETTER does NOT work.
I have it on 2 websites, does not work.
If you want a newsletter software that auto mails out your latest news.. better try ACAJOOM works some what, some times.
Now for manual sending out of newsletters, both work well.
Once they are able to get Smart Newsletter, which grabs newest news items and auto sends them in a newsletter to your subscribers.. fixed.. this will be the greatest thing since Harley Davidson
byalaskalive, August 4, 2009
JCK Editor
I have setup and worked on hundreds of Joomla sites using other editors.
This one by far is leagues above the rest.
One very very important feature, you can insert code, scripts like flash and such and it does NOT strip the code... the code works.

Previously we had to go to Global Settings... change the editor, go back insert the code into the article... then save it and go back into global settings and change the editor back.

If you are tired of reading all that, imagine having to do it!

Thank you much for this great editor. Alaskalivedotnet.
Owner's reply

Hi Alaskalive, thanks – we invest a lot of time into the project and receive reviews such as yours in a great encouragement!