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byalatsec, November 6, 2011
Absolute Floating Menu
The extension performs as you expect and hope for. I had a small issue with the function and the response from the developer was both efficient and successful in the overcoming this. Well done!
Content Uploader Pro
I recently became a "Pro" suscriber as I have many thousands of Items to upload to K2.

The time this component has saved me is quite honestly staggering! and far outweighs the cost of this fantastic component, that I have to say I was a little hesitant to pay.

BUT after a few component newbie errors, which I asked for support for AND were responded outstandingly quickly, I am sailing along and laughing at all the time I am saving and the profit I am making!

Would I recommend the "Pro" version of this product, ..... without any question.

Many components do clever things, but this does your work!
It does what it says on the box..

A simple shop extension. For those people who do not want a "full-blown" e-commerce solution, then this is a very clear and simple to deploy system.

If you have a small number of iems or just want to link to an ordering/payment gateway/confirmation system from your own hard worked web-pages, then this for you.

Well done!
byalatsec, June 26, 2008
I am using this on 1.5 with legacy mode on.

It is simply one of the best written extensions I have found. User friendly, efficient and problem free.