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byalatsec, October 10, 2014
RealEstateManager Basic
The long list of 5 star reviews is well deserved. No component is perfect and no component will suit every person but after having looked at and demo'd many components both free and paid, for me this represents the right amount of features and level of difficulty to get the best use out of it.

All components will have there problems and it is not this that is the question but more how a provider will handle this problem for you. Do not expect developers to always be able to respond within hours but do expect the problem to be satisfactorily resolved.

What I found so excellent is that the developers of this component, do not expect you to be a coding genius and throw suggestions at you to investigate and resolve, if it is at this level, they will directly resolve the problem on you website/server.

Are there some feature that could be improved? Yes there are. Are there some feature that could be added, probably, you can't please all the people all the time.

I for one am delighted with both the component and support form the Ordasoft team. Well Done!!
byalatsec, November 6, 2011
Absolute Floating Menu
The extension performs as you expect and hope for. I had a small issue with the function and the response from the developer was both efficient and successful in the overcoming this. Well done!
Content Uploader Pro
I recently became a "Pro" suscriber as I have many thousands of Items to upload to K2.

The time this component has saved me is quite honestly staggering! and far outweighs the cost of this fantastic component, that I have to say I was a little hesitant to pay.

BUT after a few component newbie errors, which I asked for support for AND were responded outstandingly quickly, I am sailing along and laughing at all the time I am saving and the profit I am making!

Would I recommend the "Pro" version of this product, ..... without any question.

Many components do clever things, but this does your work!
It does what it says on the box..

A simple shop extension. For those people who do not want a "full-blown" e-commerce solution, then this is a very clear and simple to deploy system.

If you have a small number of iems or just want to link to an ordering/payment gateway/confirmation system from your own hard worked web-pages, then this for you.

Well done!
byalatsec, June 26, 2008
I am using this on 1.5 with legacy mode on.

It is simply one of the best written extensions I have found. User friendly, efficient and problem free.