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byalboholic, June 27, 2008
This tiny module can do anything!

I had a module which showed up great on Firefox and Safari but could not get it to work in IE, so I wondered whether Metamod would come to the rescue and serve a substitute for this module for IE users. I had no idea how to do this though! :)

Stephen was more than happy to help, providing me the exact code to do what I wanted Metamod to do and voila, it worked like a charm.

Here's the code I used:

$UA = isset($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']) ?
$IE = strstr($UA, 'MSIE') ? true : false;
$IEV = $IE ? preg_split('/msie/i', $UA) : false;
$IEV = $IEV ? floatval($IEV[1]) : false;

if ($IEV >= 7) return 92; //module for IE7
if ($IEV >= 6) return 92; //module for IE6
if ($IE) return 92; //module for any IE version
return 80; //default module

I really have to commend Stephen for his extraordinary help. I appreciate his support every step of the way.

I have yet to find something that Metamod cannot do!