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byalemons, July 2, 2010
I've been using Kunena for almost a year now and quite pleased with how well it works. I tried all of the other free forum and for one reason or the other promptly uninstalled them. I did like one of the other forum extensions that is marked popular in JED eventually passed on it. Kunena is quick to get up and running and it shows that someone put some actual thought into layout the backend configuration and settings. At first I didn't like the layout of the forum but after a couple of days it grew on me and now I find it more pleasing than most of the other forums.

The Kunena forum is really good and helpful. I was able to find answers to each of the question I had regarding configuration and setup. I haven't needed to post on their forum but viewing several topics it looks like they are fairly quick in responding to questions. The "other" forum I liked didn't support search engine friendly URLs, but Kunena does. It also integrates with Joomla really well.

I'm quite happy with the whole setup of Kunena and will be installing and using it on future sites.
byalemons, June 30, 2010
JV-LinkDirectory (JVSE)
First off, I very seldom give any form of review a perfect score. I feel there is always room for improvement, whether it be with the product itself or more than likely with the service or support. Yet, here I am giving out a 5 star rating for JV-LD, which has quickly become my most favorite component.

After checking out every directory component for Joomla, lots of head scratching, and late nights testing some of them, I went ahead and purchase JV-LD. Right from the start I was impressed with this component. It seemed rock solid and contained the basics of what I was looking for in a link directory.

I'm sure when anyone is looking for a particular component to fit their needs each component will come up short in some area. The more I used it, the more I wanted it to do. Not a problem as you can just send them your requests and if it is something simple, they normally get back with a solution in a matter of minutes. If it is a little more complicated, they will tell you they will check on it and see if it is possible. If so, it will make it in an upcoming release. They seem truly interested in improving and making JV-LD one of the best link directory components out there.

You also cannot give a proper review of something like this unless you have a problem. Then you get to see what type of support you receive from a company. I kind of expect to receive crappy support from free components, but when you pay for a product you at least want problems to be addressed. Every single problem or question I've had has been promptly answered and fixed in a timely manner. I've never had to wait and wait only to ask the same question again. Niranjan has always been quick and professional in his responses...even when I've had problems and they were not a result of their component, but the template I was using. I've had them send me custom code changes, log into my site to check and/or change things, etc. Each time a solution was found that I was happy with.

Thanks for the great product and service you provide. I highly recommend anyone looking for a directory component to give JV-LD a try.

Top notch company to deal with that has great support
Extremely stable and feature rich component
Best link management features of any component I've tested
Easy an intuitive front end submissions
Back end management features
Easy to customize

Spending way too much time coming up with new directories to use this on.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for taking your time, to give a fantastic review of JV-LD. We hope to improve JV-LD even further in the coming days...