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byalexbaby5, January 27, 2013
I find JCE easy to use but here are a couple of experiences to share:

When hitting the Enter key, JCE indents the next paragraph. I would prefer if it did not do this and kept the next paragraph completely left. Holding down the Shift key and then pressing Enter will start a new paragraph in line with the start of the previous row. However, the HTML code produces a BR which is not really what I want.

I am probably old-school and like adding tables to Articles. I have spent much time faffing around with JCE to get table content to be presented the way I like. I have spent time amending / re-highlighting and re-submitting Table Properties, Row Properties and Table Data / Cell Properties. Putting as much of the formatting into the Table Data / Cell Property as possible appears to be the best solution.

Specifically, I have had difficulty with the way content is shown in a table added to the Featured Article of the Home Page / Start of a website. This is a table with two columns and a couple of rows. I want to add a couple of paragraphs of text into both columns (two large TDs) The cell formatting is Valign top and Align left. In the left-hand column (TD), the text sits nicely aligned left and starts right at the top but in the second column the test starts about a third of the way down (but aligned left). Changing Properties (table, row or TD) has not changed this. Nor has amending the HTML code manually, as JCE amends it again when you press Save. I know that you can unclick this automatic JCE HTML code function. I have done this but no difference was seen to the TD or Cell in question with regards to the table.

I like adding tables and being able to include numerous paragraphs of text within them but I have not made progress here.