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Simple Skype Call To / Chat button
I can not use it because it is just in english. It would be better if the text would be just "Skype" instead of "Call"

I do not like the transpartent rollover-background

Also, a big improvement will be to implement it as a plugin to be called in any Joomla text instead of a fixed module.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. I'll will add the translations in the next release. for now I don't have plans to make a plugin, but it's a good suggestion. When I have some spare time I'll pick up on developing this.

byalexfloren, October 17, 2011
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The support is outstanding and Chameleon can let you customize your website without borders!

In my case, I have use Chameleon to detect the language by domainname. I found the solution that sh404SEF, Joomla AceSEF and Joomla 1.7 are still not supporting:

Multidomain names per language, country or whatever you need.

You just need to follow the instructions to configure the rules in Chameleon that will detect the language based on different domain names.
sh404SEF is a complete solution for SEF urls and even SEO optimization, but it needs to improve 2 important features:

1. SEF DOMAIN PER LANGUAGE: If you want to use one domain URL per language, sh404SEF does not work with SEF domains. You will find in the language panel that you can set one domain per language (called "url per language"). But it only works if you include the code language after every domain.

2. NESTED CATEGORIES: I got 404 errors when include categories in the SEF url. This error only came when I set restricted the category to the last one or last two nested. In other cases it worked smoothly.
Owner's reply


Thanks for your review. Please see my comments:

1 - language per domain: when moving to Joomla 1.6/1.7, we accomodated the new language features that were added in Joomla with these new versions, but left the language per domain part out of it. The reason is that we're waiting for Joomfish to be available, and want to design a solution that accomodate both

2 - We don't have any report of such issue, and frankly, it is so basic and so big that it wouldn't go unoticed. I have just personally tested that this does not happen. I suggest you get back in touch with the support staff and try to find the real problem


byalexfloren, July 11, 2008
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RSform Pro
Developer is working hard to develop further the capabilties of RSForm!Pro. Support is professional.

You can empower your web communications and easily create a proffesional form to upload any kind of files and validate emails, selectboxes, checkboxes, users, passwords...

The new version allows you to control exactly where the form fields have to store the data into your database table.

The RSForm!Pro is giving Joomla a new extremely powerful capabilities for communications with users, advanced systems to calculate imput data. It opens a new world of flexibility .

This my favourite extension. Congratulations to RSJoomla and Alex!

Feature Request:
- Plugin to log users into the data which was entered by the user logged