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byalexlate, March 8, 2012
After playing around with Jomsocial for a week I was able to grasp all of the possibilities and limitations. My biggest point of frustration and the reason for not using platform was the complete absence of any kind of photo album organization. Any album grouping or categorization is simply absent. Period. Once you upload a twenty or so albums they just get accumulated in single page in order of last edited but otherwise without any way of organizing them. I looked for extensions that would categorize albums but found nothing. Videos, on other hand have a categorization/grouping feature that works well. Another feature that would I really needed was a way for the user to have more tangible relationships with each other such as siblings listing, "married to...", or "in relationship with...". This feature or extension making it possible is absent as well. Otherwise this plugin provides a good stripped-down fairly easy to operate and understand version of the Facebook. Perfect and works for the most basic social networking, but forget trying to tailor it to your slightly more sophisticated needs.
byalexlate, August 24, 2011
Like majority of people here I agree that it is an excellent extension. I was able to set up my own custom mobile templates to work for mobile devices in minutes. Easy easy easy. The only reason why I am giving it 4 stars is because it groups iPhone and iPad recognition functionality together - meaning you cannot have supporting template specifically for an iPad (although you can group the two together). It would be great to have iPad/tablet as an option since their use is rapidly increasing.