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byalexxandar, August 15, 2014
This is something what I've always needed from time to time, and this component delivers without a hassle.
I always hated having empty articles and wondering why they are like that... only to recognize they are placeholders.
Component is simple and gives what it promises!
byalexxandar, October 31, 2012
Lof ArticlesSlideShow
This module is simple to use, and to customize if you're an advanced user. I like that it offers the features of some commercial modules for free. And also ease of use is very important, with it I thought my client to use it in a matter of minutes.
byalexxandar, September 17, 2009
I really love Jumi, there hasn't been a project where I didn't find it useful.

But I have 2 suggestions on how it may even be better.
First one:
Replace the basic textarea used for inserting code with a real code editor there are 2 really good Javascript code editors that would improve usability of Jumi a lot.\

Second one:
This may be a bit harder to accomplish, but how about adding parameters to Jumi plugin, in example we want text to use sIFR, or just that one image to have a fancy border. So that plugin would not just add some code to the page but to be really dynamical and add code according to parameters set.
Owner's reply

Thanks Alex for your interesting suggestions. I will think them over definitely.

byalexxandar, January 16, 2009
Main Menu Images
This is a great extension doing, just what a lot of people need. Simple to use, just like Joomla's Menu module, great addition is possibility to disable list bullets for those not that familiar with CSS. Maybe in future versions there could be added a hover image support?
Owner's reply

Hover imaging using the current code is very difficult to achieve, however we will try to implement some mechanism to enable hover images. There is a CSS workaround on the site ... but its not very elegant.