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byaljihou, July 5, 2014
Simple Picture Slideshow
So easy to use. Great configurability (Is that even a word)! Awesome results.
byaljihou, March 20, 2014
I inadvertently got caught in the Google vs. MyBlogGuest dispute and was being penalized by Google. Needed something very quick to fix the thousands (and that's no exaggeration) of pages that were effected. Thank you so much for making such a quick effective fix!
byaljihou, February 12, 2014
Documentation was very good. Walking through it step by step makes this very easy to install and use. Thanks for a great extension!
byaljihou, October 15, 2013
Authorship Markup
I have installed dozens of components this was the easiest one I have ever installed and worked like a charm.
byaljihou, July 4, 2013
I had been struggling to locate Google Ads in places beyond the modules offered. You know top, bottom and middle of article. This one let me ad to custom places that made it soooo easy.
byaljihou, January 16, 2013
Related Article After Content
I have to be honest the extension didn't work right off the bat. However, the developers were incredibly prompt and polite and worked with me to get it working. Once installed correctly it was a breeze to set-up with very nice features. I don't blame the developers for not the extension not working immediately, we have a very large site that is sort of complicated. Thanks so much for your help!
byaljihou, July 8, 2012
Worked within 3 minutes! Lots of lovely customization. Nice simple clean design. Perfect fit with my site. Just love it!
byaljihou, April 29, 2012
Easy ShareThis
I spent 45 minutes researching and it took less than 5 minutes to install. It's absolutely brilliant! Well worth the money and looking forward to having people use it. My only comment for improvement is that it sits right on top of the headline and a couple of extra pixels of space would be appreciated : ) Otherwise, love it!!!
byaljihou, March 30, 2012
Very easy to install. Loved the category extension. One suggestion for the next revision. A location category so you don't have to type in same locations over and over.