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byallendover1, June 24, 2008
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I am not one to give a bad report, and actually this is the first ever in 3 years with Joomla & Mambo. After installing 1.1.0 new version - I found my category views of content were not coming up at all. I figured well easy fix... Wasn't easy at all, and as a matter of fact I had to uninstall it.

After uninstalling the component, I continued to get another error in the menu settings, I had to hand remove the other part that didn't remove from virtuamart. I really LOVE the way Virtuamart installs, blends with the templates in Joomla and the back end admin area - WOW... BUT having to drop back to the older version just to get it to work.

YES - I did review all over the web - to include posting on Their Forums and NO one would ever answer me or bother to help - They say it is active, but seems to be pretty dead there unless it is just one main topic. I Really hoped for more from such a high quality group of creators to be honest - and Yeah I know this is free, but still to someone that didn't know any code, this would have just ruined their website and they would have had to rebuild.

Anyway - I hope to upgrade to 1.1.0 when the bugs are worked out of the category area - as we draw traffic now really well and just wanted to add in a great shop. THANK YOU for building it, just please support what you do built when you have time, please. It matters! Specially when you have people that love what you do and want it badly enough to come to you to ask for help, don't ignore them - bad business. Wishing you well with the bugs.