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byallinnia, August 21, 2012
If you take the time, this component can do awesome things for your SEO and URL management. Three cuts above the rest!
byallinnia, April 9, 2012
iJoomla Surveys
I would give this a 1 star, but that would be unfair, because I am down right angry. However, the fact is that I bought this with iJoomla SEO and both had bugs right off the bat. These were not what I would consider minor bugs, but systemic and process oriented issues that affect both applications' usability.

While the program is great for simple surveys (that shouldn't cost as much as it does), you can't:

1. Add multiple skip actions on one page
2. Open or make a question available/unavailable based on another response
3. Preview the survey (with all rules in effect) - that's right, You have to publish it and fill it in yourself while it's live to see if you have everything right...
4. There are no features to allow you to copy a question, making data entry tedious and repetitive.
5. The skip action engine is way below what I would expect from a survey engine. If Lime Survey built a Joomla component they would have this software nailed to the floor. iJoomla should look at it and learn.

Aside from all those negatives, I will concede it is ok for a normal survey, but it isn't worth the price I paid. I feel that the videos and marketing are misleading. I am by no means a computer novice, and I have grown quite accustomed (sadly) to spotting bugs with joomla components. If you want to spend a lot of money on something you could find at a quarter of the price elsewhere, then buy this. If not, save your money! I should have.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback, we take every feedback very seriously and work to improve.

However your review contains a few mistakes:

1. You can EASILY see a preview of the survey, simply click on the preview link, on the survey manager

2. You can EASILY copy both questions and whole surveys, simply choose the question or the survey and click the "duplicate" button on the top.

3. You said you found bugs, but you didn't mention any. Missing features are not bugs.

4. You said the marketing is misleading, but we never claimed iJoomla Surveys does something it doesn't. We clearly outline every single feature on the website, without trying to make it look like something it's not.

5. Price: $77. For this you get a well developed, fully tested, fully documented Joomla extension that's been around for over 5 years. Is it perfect and fits everybody's needs? Probably not. But it's well worth the price as thousands of customers can testify. Unfortunately, people tend to post a review mostly when they are unhappy with a product.

Before someone posts a review claiming it doesn't do A, B or C, it's a good idea to ask on the forum or support system to ensure that in fact, it's the correct information. We also welcome any feature suggestions like the one you mentioned here regarding forking and try to implement them on our next version.