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byallsite, August 10, 2012
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Removing record for default currency causes irreversible database errors.

No image re-sizing feature...really?

Custom fields (lists) are not based on taxonomy. Tedious solution for creating list selections for product details.

Custom fields give little tooltip or any explanation. DB admins will understand it however...

"Reset all tables and install sample data" function throws up an error and directs you to enable a setting in config, which is nowhere to be found.

No AJAX in back end form validation. If you save with a required field missing, it throws an error and your data is lost.

In conclusion - I must say the features of Virtuemart seem promising, but the clunkyness and annoyances seem to be accumulating version to version.
byallsite, August 6, 2012
Slideshow CK
First off, what a great job the developers did on the user interface, providing a plethora of options with helpful visuals - quality work!

If this was a paid module, I'd get a little fiery about the following:

Caption box cannot be expanded on back-end.

It is truly responsive, but plan on coding between your media queries to get the loader icon and other aspects to display properly. Maybe it's my template's fault...I haven't looked yet thus no stars deducted.

A couple more suggestions:
Mootools support
Read photos from a folder option

Aside from my picky complaints, you really nailed it! Thank you
byallsite, August 6, 2012
Responsive Photo Gallery
Works great!

No option for disabling thumbnails or other controls.

I would appreciate a less css-heavy template option, although the design is nice - not for my project.

I very much appreciate the 1 click download and easy config.

You might want to enable jQuery by default to avoid support requests from novice joomla developers.

Thanks for this module!
Owner's reply

allsite, thanks for your kind comments and suggestions. Having jQuery pre-loaded with this extension would generate far more support requests based on all of the other jQuery extensions and templates currently available for Joomla...

byallsite, August 6, 2012
Code 7 Responsive Slider
It works fine, but fails to deliver essential options.
No option to disable image link (I had to remove the tags in php)
No option to link to url (only menu items)
No option for other transitions other than slide (at least fade would be nice)

Add these features and you got a winner!
Owner's reply

Hi there,

thanks for bringing the link business to my attention!

You'll be happy to know I've just updated the module to version 1.2 and included all the suggestions you made!