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byalmamun, December 10, 2012
RSSeo! Suite
I'm using RSSEO for one month and I'm loving it. I wonder why I haven't given it a try earlier! Very useful tool for Joomla seo.

If it had a way to insert meta data in front-end, I believe it would me much more helpful.
byalmamun, November 11, 2012
This is a must extension for my user-drive or community site.

Todays most of the net users are already registered with and logged in Google or FB . This extension will help you convert those visitors into users on your site without going through the monotonous registration process. Only two clicks the visitor is your member and its for FREE.

It would be great if this component would support Yahoo, Live, Wordpress networks and have JomSocial integration.
Owner's reply

We are already thinking about the possibility of integration with Yahoo and Live. WP is a good idea, if it supports the OAuth.

byalmamun, February 20, 2011
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Advertisement Board
I've tried this extension and found some points to consider


* Easy to go
* Simple configuration options
* Guest can submit ads


*Guests cant cant be contacted if published / rejected /updated as there is no way to post email
*Guests can't claim their ads

and so GUESTS CANT UPDATE their ads
byalmamun, February 1, 2011
This is better than any other free/commercial extensions those claim to be "best".

With abundance of features, the interface is easy to go and works smoothly.

I love this product and eagerly waiting for a J1.6 release.
byalmamun, November 10, 2010
JCK Editor
This is the only editor you'll find helpful when applying typography. Give it a try.

But, as WebJIVE said, the easy Editor button arrangement is not as easy as JCE.

Besides, setting Permission and Location for user/group, image handling keep it one step back to perfect.

Dear devs, we know you work hard to make our life easy. We just cant expect less from our favorites.

Thanks to you.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your reply, the NEW 2.0 JCK Manager now addresses some of your requests enjoy. (o:b

byalmamun, October 23, 2010
This is a very useful extension if you care about your visitors. Needs only few minutes to configure the template and the component, but it will bring some positive result for your site.

However, I could not use it on sites with utf8-bin. Chararters became alien alphabets.
byalmamun, August 23, 2010
Maxi Menu CK
I'm sorry that I couldn't rate this menu "5 Starts" , but this doesn't mean that its not a good menu. There is ONLY ONE problem with it - instead of using css files, it uses php files for styling(maximenuH_CK.php and maximenuV_CK.php) making it hard to look for customizing
Owner's reply

These php file are css with .php extension (for dynamic ID). You can modify it like another css file, you just need to open it in an editor.

byalmamun, November 1, 2009
Advanced Module Manager
I agree with tntsolid(below), it should be part of of Joomla core.

1 thing missing= Module status icon change when published/unpublished.
Owner's reply

Thanks for notifying me on the bug (in version 1.0.0). I'll fix it asap.

byalmamun, June 27, 2009
Extra Vote
Very nice voting plugin. Easy in function & nice in look. If you are looking for an article voting ext, you're in the right page.