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byalsthom, October 7, 2014
JCH Optimize
I wish I could describe with details this plugin, but my english are poor. I can say that this plugin is a must have for the site owners. I always wondering how to deal with gtmetrix's suggestions. But now I don't need to worry. I installed this plugin, configured it and my site goes faster. The pro-version is very cheap. And it worths it! Support is fast and kind. THANK YOU!
byalsthom, September 20, 2014
Perfect Facebook Like Box Sidebar
Excellent module! It saves space on my site and can open in many attractive ways. Easy to install and to configure. The documentation on dev's site is just perfect. Congratulations!
byalsthom, September 6, 2014
Stick on Scroll
I spent many many time to find something to make my menu sticky on top. I saw many tutorials to use jquery plugins or so but I am not a experienced user, so I couldn't make it. Thank God I found this module. .It's easy to install and easy to configure it. Giv your div at "Sticky Div Container ID" and you are done. Well maybe you will need some corrections but it's not a big deal. THANK YOU DEVS for this!
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thanks so much to share your honest opinion ....

byalsthom, August 23, 2014
R3D Floater
If you read the instruction given, there is no problem with the installation. I am not a coder, but I have managed to install and run it in 5 minutes. The instruction are clear as 1-2-3. (well... ok...1-2-3-4 steps! :-)
After that you can put ANY module there, with ANY content you like ( an announcement, a text message, informations, pictures etc..even the login module!) After you play with options you understand what they do, so you can have this module excactly as you wish. A simple, clear well documented module. Thanks.
byalsthom, May 18, 2014
p8pbb bridge
1.Easy to install.
2.Clear instructions.
3.Includes ready styles for the forum compatible with joomla.
4.G-R-E-A-T Support!

This extension is so nice that it's hard to realize that there is a phpbb forum inside joomla. Maybe there will be some conflicts with css files but trust me, their support will help you.

A BIG thanks from me!
byalsthom, July 9, 2012
The work for this second release of Kunena is simply amazing! This component has EVERYTHING that a forum needs.It's fast! Clear! Easy to install or easy to upgrade, even for newbies (like me). And it's FREE!
Congratulations guys for your work!
byalsthom, July 2, 2012
I am a newbie on joomla administration and this component have helped me very much! It couldn't be more simple. You install it, place the admins you want for this companent and create a menu for your users. Simple as that!
The user creats his ticket easily. He can see a list of all his tickets, too. Admins and users get allerted with emails when a new ticket or answer is made. I would prefer a button in the admin area to notificate me but it isn't such a missing thing, is it? :-)
Oh oh I missed to say about the GREAT and FAST support that I received from the developer!
byalsthom, April 23, 2012
Agora Pro
First of all agorapro has a unique and modern template. For users it's a great forum, but when we speak for mods or admins there are many things that missing;
-No control of users avatars
-No control of smilies
-Can't move a single post and merge it to somewhere else.
-Only topics can be moved or merged and I think the task is difficult, and there is no documentation in their support site. My opinion is that when you PAY for a product you want tutorials and NO "under construction" staff...
-Problems with time zone.
I have left agorapro before one month and I can't remember the problems or some other issues.
BUT I have to say that their support forum is friendly and fast enough. Support tickets are much faster.
EVEN BETTER the REFUND POLICY is TRUE!! I paid, I try to stay on agorapro but I was dissapointed and as they say, they sent me back my money!
So give it a try, and if you don't like it, you can ask for a refund within a month.
byalsthom, September 19, 2011
FW Gallery
I was trying to find a gallery to fit my needs and thank God I found this gallery. It is simple and fast. You can make a gallery with subgalleries and sub-subgalleries! The settings are easy to learn and to use. You can add some plugins, too which makes this gallery even better.
The support is nice!