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I´ve been customer of RSJoomla for years, so I´ve bought RSFeedback as a testimonial component. I had a few problems (related to J!3.3.0), but it was fixed by the developers within a day. Also another problem (...OK, was a problem of my template, not of the component) was solved within a few hours.

So 5 stars for support!

But the component lacks a little bit of the ease compared to the other components of RSJoomla. It´s more suitable, if you want some automations, (little) workflow features and so on.

So you ask me, why I´m just ignore the features and use it in a more simple way?

OK, that´s possible, but on the other hand the in-build styling options and possibilites to customize fields are limited (in the actual release). You´ve to style the feedback just like an article (OK, unlimited possibilities), that´s my point. Could be more user-friendly.

But I´m convinced, that the component will be tuned in the future.

In this case, I´ll rate 5 stars.
byalt_f4, March 4, 2014
Noo Timeline
Nice little module. Does exactly what it claims to do. It needs some CSS coding to change colors and so on, but it´s free. And works well :-)

byalt_f4, February 20, 2014
It´s an excellent plugin. Just straight forward. Simple. Working.

Keep up the good work!
byalt_f4, February 1, 2014
EXT Remove HTML-code
To say it in a single word: "Great".

It just works ;-)
Smart Slider 2
I´m on Joomla since 5 years, ervytime looking for a fancy, powerful there are a lot - but none is so powerful, easy (quite easy, to be honest) and good looking like this one.

Full screen, animations (like flash...), video support and so on.

I had a little problem, was solved within 30 minutes (and to be hones 2nd time, it was my fault...).
byalt_f4, February 18, 2013
To go straight to the point: This is a must-have...

The component a.) secures your installation in critical points b.) protects for hacks of insecure uploads c.) cleans your Database and temp-folders d.) a county-blocklist (even a black-white-list) e.) has an outstanding support-team (what not every paid component has...).

So an cost-free alternative without the "one-stop-solution-idea" could be "Admin Tools" by Akeeba, but without the really nice security features.
byalt_f4, November 22, 2011
I use sef404 for Joomla 1.5
There was a small issue that was resolved quickly by the support (thanks to Jimie!)
And now: nice SEO function just as described.

Another good solution is the alias-management of the 404 requests.

Nice backend.

Is worth every Dollar!
byalt_f4, September 2, 2009
Great component. We´ve tried several other contact-components, but THIS ONE is one of the best. Easy, flexible and working as it should. Fine Support (little reg. fee for removing the copyright link).